Khamir, who weave our handwoven Kala cotton fabrics have started an initiative to provide training, capacity building and tools to rural women in Kutch, Gujarat to begin hand-spinning.

In order to help, Stitch by Stitch is pledging to donate 5% from the sale of every Chindi or Raw Chindi quilt to the Kantai Se Kamai project to support the hand-spinning initiative.

Stitch By Stitch Chindi Quilt

Some of the poorest women in India have been severely affected by COVID, and Khamir have stepped up with a plan to provide meaningful self-employment. They have identified 40 women in Kutch who require help in facilitating their journey to economic empowerment. Hand-spinning directly impacts the independence of women who do not want to migrate for work, or take up low paid daily wage work.

Stitch By Stitch Raw Chindi Quilt

By hand-spinning and hand-weaving indigenous materials like Kala Cotton, local people in Kutch can create a more sustainable economy for themselves.

Stitch By Stitch Raw Chindi Quilt

Stitch by Stitch creates handmade textiles for the home working with artisan weavers, embroiderers and quilt makers in India, Nepal and England. The textiles are woven by small producers, made only using natural fibres, traditional techniques and often with natural dyes, made into cushions, quilts, blankets, and rugs, all which have a certain quality of weight and tactility.


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