Showcasing Egyptian Artisanship to the World


It’s no secret that Egypt is full of hidden treasures, one of which is its centuries-old arts and crafts scene. This classic art deserves to be re-invented and find its way into the digital modern World. And that’s what is all about… is the online store entirely dedicated to home decor and home accessories that are proudly handmade in Egypt by gifted artisans. DECOBATE’s online store is colorful, tasteful, fun, and unique in every sense of the word. It includes an extensive handmade collection that spans from home decor and tabletop, to dinnerware and drinkware. Because is all about showcasing Egypt’s hidden talents to the whole World, this new artisan online store provides local and international shipping.


The inspiration behind DECOBATE’s brand name came from the fact that whatever you’re looking for, DECOBATE has something for you to DECOrate your BATE (Arabic for home).


Based in Egypt, DECOBATE‘s collection of home accessories is diversely inspired by many styles from around the World, and is equally-influenced by the intricate craftsmanship of Egyptian artisans. All items available at are handmade; crafted by a growing number of talented artisans. All items in the online store are carefully handpicked by DECOBATE’s team, who are always on the lookout for the best, most skilled and talented designers of home accessories and home décor.


Superior craftsmanship coupled with unique taste is what is committed to providing. Every single handmade item is unique in its own way, whether in design or in production.

DECOBATE’s product range includes vases, cushions & pillows, dinner plates, dinner bowls, mugs, coffee cups, display plates, tablecloths, and more.


DECOBATE’s diverse handmade collection and committed customer service, together with the convenience of online shopping, makes it easier for customers than ever before to do a facelift for their homes… from the comfort of their homes. Unlike most of the market players in the same sector, who rely on Facebook and Instagram pages to sell their products, DECOBATE is a full-fledged online store with all the convenience of online shopping, plus the added security that comes from purchasing from a standalone website.
In addition to that, with DECOBATE’s international shipping availability, the online store brings handmade Egyptian products to customers from fifty countries around the World. has made it their mission to showcase superior Egyptian craftsmanship to
the whole World, and that’s what they’re set to achieve…


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