With the summer months in full swing, holidaymakers will be heading off on holiday for a well-deserved break. Temperatures across Europe are even higher than usual for this time of year which can pose serious health risks, especially for more vulnerable groups like young children and older people, pregnant women, and those with chronic health conditions.

Air treatment expert Chris Michael from Meaco shares his four top tips for holidaymakers to make their summer getaways as comfortable and safe as possible.

1. Help rooms to stay cool


Even if the weather outside is scorching, it is important to try to avoid allowing the temperatures to creep up in your room or accommodation, so keep windows, curtains and blinds closed throughout the day. This will stop the heat from the sun warming up the room. If you need to open a window to allow fresh air in, try to only open the window when the outside air temperature is cooler than the room temperature.

If you’re hoping for more fresh air, then look to open windows and doors at opposite ends of the accommodation or room to create a through breeze. This will ensure you are not increasing the temperature of the space by trapping even more hot air within the room. When you do open doors and windows, try to keep blinds and curtains closed to prevent solar gain from increasing the temperature inside.

Additionally, look to switch off as many electrical products as possible. These items give off heat, so turning them off at the socket will stop them contributing to the room’s temperature.

2. Consider travelling with a portable fan

Long car or coach journeys can be uncomfortable in blazing conditions, so consider taking along a portable fan to use when travelling. A rechargeable or USB powered fan can help to create air movement around you, and it can also be used to assist with cooling when you reach your destination. As these types of fans don’t need a plug socket, they’re also a great companion if you’re staying on a boat, in a caravan or camping. Look out for models with a QuietMark that aren’t noisy and could make the difference between a good and poor night’s sleep.

3. Make the most of air conditioning

If your accommodation or room is equipped with portable or fixed air conditioning, turn the air conditioner on a few hours before you go to bed to get a better, cooler night’s sleep. Some air conditioning units – especially fixed ones – can be noisy, but pre-cooling the room may mean you can get a comfortable night’s sleep without needing to keep it on. Some air conditioners have a fan mode, which means they will simply keep the air moving without the noise of the compressor.

Keep the bedroom door closed and the blinds and curtains closed so you don’t lose any cool air or indirectly heat it up again. If using a portable air conditioner, the hose will need to go out of a window, but window blocker kits can help you to seal off the rest of the window and make the air conditioner as efficient as possible.

air conditioning

4. Prepare to sleep cool

Have a warm shower or bath about 30 minutes before bedtime. A cold shower will push blood to your skin to warm you up, but a warm shower will help you relax and help your body to cool naturally. Do not forget to keep a glass of cool water handy to keep hydrated if you wake up feeling hot.

Established in 1991 Meaco is a leading air purification specialist with products including award-winning dehumidifiers, cooling fans, air purifiers, portable air conditioners and humidifiers. Meaco is a winner of multiple Which? Best Buy and Good Housekeeping Institute Tried and Tested Awards, and has achieved the Quiet Mark status for a number of products. Meaco has an award from Stiftung Warentest in Germany for the 1056 and 1056P fans.


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