New guitarists find it difficult to upgrade their pot meters. If you’re having the same problem, you’ve found us at the right time.

Today we’ll show you how to install potentiometer knobs and use your pot meter the best possible way! By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about pot knobs.

We’ll also talk about their types so you can decide which potentiometer knob is suitable for your guitar. So, let’s heat our soldering iron and get right into it!

Types of Potentiometer Knobs for Your Gear 

We’ve chosen these 3 pot knobs depending on excellent customer feedback and popularity. Have a look!


Knobs with a Set Screw

This is one of the most common types of potentiometer knobs for amps and guitars. You can consider these knobs for a solid shaft pot.

Don’t know what type of pot meter you’re working with? See if the shaft is splined or has a split in the middle. If it doesn’t, it’s a solid shaft pot.

Set screw knobs are highly compatible with a solid shaft potentiometer. They don’ts wobble at the contact point. Plus, it’s easy to tighten the knob inside the flat shaft.

Push on Chicken Head Knob

This potentiometer knob is excellent for split knurled shafts. Just to be clear, a split knurled shaft has a split in the middle and is threaded inside. In fact, these are available in different tooth counts. Before you buy new knobs for a split knurled shaft, make sure they’re compatible!

As funny as a chicken-head knob sounds, it’s the only product that goes with this shaft. You should be able to insert the knob with an audible click. If it’s not going in after multiple tries, the shaft splines are too large for the knob.

D Shaft Knobs for Marshall Pots 

First of all, D shaft potentiometers aren’t that common. But your PC mount amplifier may have this same pot meter, especially if it was made in China. It’s also known as the Marshall pot.

A D shaft potentiometer has a flat cutout at the bottom in the shape of a D. If you’re lucky, you can use a set screw knob with a D shaft. But they do make unique D shaft knobs for this potentiometer that you should try.

Final Words

That is how you choose potentiometer knobs like a pro and get a banging sound from your electric guitar. Remember- the higher resistance you leave out; the more high-frequency tones pass through. So, if you want your guitar to sound “bassier,” turn up the capacitance with the pot knob. All the best!


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