As the world slowly emerges from the bizarre slumber of the last year, we find ourselves asking what ‘normal’ life will look like moving forward. Whilst the past year has been an unprecedented time of trauma for so many, it has also been an incredible chance to hit pause. We have had no option but to slow down. The hectic distractions of everyday life were ripped from our experience, forcing us to sit with any discomfort and re-evaluate the life we have crafted for ourselves.

Papercut Artist Connie Shorrocks, believes this period of self-reflection and transition into a slower way of life has caused somewhat of a spike in the number of people turning to spirituality, and practices that are soothing for the soul at a deep level. Some would argue the spiritual revolution has been on the rise for a few years now. However, much like the speeding up of the sad but inevitable transition from high street retailers to online shopping, Connie believes the pandemic has also sped up the rekindling of the universal connection to the spirit.


“We have been forced to release external stimuli and come home to who we really are. People are re-discovering what it is to look within”, says Connie.

Like many others around the globe, Connie used lockdown as a time of deep reflection, which resulted in her crafting an entire thriving wall art business (Contoura Cuts) inspired by the connection to the higher self. Connie was furloughed back in May 2020 when Lockdown was in full swing, and this became a pivotal period in her life. She used this time to start an innovative lockdown project, not knowing it would turn out to be a phenomenal success, inspiring people to connect within and re-energise the spaces within their homes.

There is no doubt, our homes have become a sacred place. Countless home renovation lockdown projects have kickstarted because we have been forced to spend all our time in our own nests with our loved ones.


Connie, with her background in architecture, and understanding of how impactful it can be to work with the spiritual energies of a space, saw potential in the fusing of her spirituality, papercut crafting hobby and peoples new found passion for their homes.

“People are starting to connect back to their intuition. To look within for answers. To educate themselves on the power of spiritual practices such as positive affirmations, visualisation, and working with the lunar cycles – which was an ancient practice. My art is designed to be a magical catalyst to inspire people to work with all of these practices and manifest their wildest dreams” says Connie.

Connie’s intricate papercut designs, each come with a deeply empowering message inspired by the visions that come to her in her own dreams. There is no doubt that Connie’s work is unique, and perceived to be incredibly powerful to those that have discovered spirituality during lockdown.


“My love for intricately crafted papercut art came from my 7 years studying architecture. I adored creating meticulously detailed physical models from small pieces of lasercut material. After continuing to papercut as a hobby during lockdown, I discovered real simplistic beauty in the process of taking a single sheet of card, and crafting a masterpiece by removing tiny sculpted fragments. Similarly, lockdown has caused us to remove so much from our own hectic lives, it’s now up to us to create the masterpiece that will be our newly sculpted reality moving forward” Connie explains.

Connie’s art is set to be hung in several physical locations once the world is up and running again, including yoga studios, holistic health centres and wholefood cafes.

View Connie’s work by clicking here.

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

– Marianne Williamson


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