Everyone in the world needs a good sleep at night which can give them ease from an all-day grind routine. So in the night the pillows sheets and blankets are the key to have a good sleep at night. But every type of sheet doesn’t suit you, so let’s see the different types of sheets first.

Fitted sheets

The fitted sheets are the sheets with the elastic corner so that they can fit with the mattress and the mattress will be covered properly.

Flat sheets

Flat sheets are the ones used to put on the fitted sheet to cover, it could be made of cotton or other alternatives like microfiber.

Why sleeping without a sheet is bad?


When you are sleeping at night your body releases sweat, body oil, and the dead skin. So if you are sleeping on a mattress without any sheet your body sweat and oil is on the mattress and cannot be removed until it’s washed properly. This can cause dust mites or bugs in your bed which can make you a serious problem and can affect you with diseases. People with allergies and asthma patients have more problems from these potential insects on their beds. But if you use a sheet then your body oil and sweat will be on the sheet and you can pull off the sheet anytime and can wash it out, so you will be safe from being bitten by the insects.

Sleeping on comforter

Some people have a habit of sleeping on the top of the comforter which is actually not so bad as you can wash the comforter instead of the mattress but it’s not recommended and not even an ideal way to sleep.

If you want to know what is an ideal situation to sleep at night is that you have to make yourself a sandwich like at the bottom there would be the mattress and then the sheet and after that, there will be you and then another sheet and at last there would be a comforter. So in this way, the oil and sweat will be absorbed by both sheets and the mattress and the comforter will be safe.

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But you have to wash the comforter also when you think that it’s dirty and needs to be washed. Otherwise, the bacteria can multiply itself with a small amount of oil. If you will not wash the sheets or the dirty comforter for a long time then there will be a problem of potential insects like bed bugs and dust mites which can multiply themselves in less time. So if you will face the bed bugs then you will need pest control which is not affordable for everyone.

Change bed sheets

Usually, people ask when to change the bedsheet, so some of them say daily but the most frequent answer is to change them weekly. It is recommended to wash the pillows and comforters also at least on a monthly basis, but people use to wash them on a seasonal basis like when the new season has arrived they wash their pillows and comforters. And people don’t understand that the month is enough to grow those potential insects in your beds.

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So make an example to yourself that if you wear the same clothes, the whole week what would you feel? The same is with the sheets. In our recommendation change the sheets as soon as possible at least twice a week.

Cleaning mattress

If you are or you not using microfiber sheets on the mattress you should also clean the mattress. If you want to clean the mattress then use the vacuum cleaner to clean it. It will suck all our dead skin remaining on the mattress. In case you are facing odor issues in your bed then it’s due to the sweat or oil released by your body while you are sleeping at night. To remove this issue you have to use baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda over the mattress and cover the area. After some time baking soda will soak the odor from the mattress and then you can vacuum the baking soda from the mattress and can clean it properly.

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Sheets also have varieties of fabric as everyone doesn’t like the same fabric. So here are some varieties of fabric for you.

Cotton Sheets

One of the best fabrics we have is cotton and it also has some types based on quality and long-lasting stuff. So the best cotton quality is Egyptian cotton. It is manufactured in Egypt near the river Nile.

Its stuff is quite soft and has a silky smooth touch and gives a luxury experience. It has a high thread count which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Flannel Sheets


As the Egyptian sheets are of very good quality but in the winter you need some warmness in your bed, then the flannel sheets are the best to crawl into it in winters. According to the review of team vend review, these sheets deliver a luxurious feel and warm feel in the winter nights. If you want more warmth and more quality than there are sheets made up of wool and some of them are cotton blends. If you use a blend of cotton and wool then it’s the best because it will provide warmness and fluffiness at the same time.

Satin Sheets

Some people love the satin sheet for its silky and soft touch. As they are preferable in summers for their lightweight and coolness. So you can feel that there is nothing on you but only you sleeping. They also have a beautiful sheen look which people like.


So, you have got some deep knowledge about the sheets that are important to use in your nights. The sheets you use on the mattress soak all your sweat and oil released by your body while you are sleeping. So they let your mattress free from the germs. So it’s the best approach to change your sheets twice a week or at least you can change them once a week.


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