Icon Jewels Lands In Austin As Latest Luxury Brand

Austin Texas officially reaches “Haute Status” by adding yet another brand to its luxury roster list.  A Texas-based jewelry brand, with its current atelier at the Ritz Carlton- Los Angeles, ICON Jewels announces it is expanding its Private Concierge Service to the great city.

With luxe brands like Soho House Austin, Hermes, and Nak Armstrong, forging the way it was only a matter of time before ICON Jewels showed up, cowboy boots and all.

Icon Jewels

ICON, the private jewelry house with a heavy footprint in Houston, Texas, was created  by Aldo Dinelli, a master jeweler with 34 years of tradecraft. The company is co-owned with his wife, and celebrated photographer, multi-media, GAN / ML artist, Cynthia Pinot Dinelli.
Cynthia creates all of the company’s artwork, and content.

Icon Jewels
“As a private jeweler, we specialize in handling High Net Worth Individuals by way of sourcing the finest pieces available in the marketplace, yet doing so within a heightened level of privacy, and security, understanding that today’s society has an acute sensitivity to identity and privacy. ICON does not have a storefront, we believe that because we prefer to conduct business at the convenience of our client in their home or office, it allows us to learn a little more about our clients true “inner self.” – Aldo Dinelli

With progressive influx of heavy-hitting tech companies, like Tesla,  SpaceX, and a high concentration of venture capital, artists, athletes & producers all  making their way to this great city, ICON Jewels  has experienced a substantial  uptick in “calls” to work with new clients, and stylists in the Austin area.

Icon Jewels
The 34-year veteran in the trade, Aldo Dinelli has a solid reputation and history of collaborating with many jewelry houses, style icons, Hollywood stars and famed musical legends, like, Sir Elton John, Paula Abdul, Toni Braxton, as well as mega athletes like Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes,  Matt Shaub and George Forman. Throughout his career as a jeweler, he has courted Presidential Families, including the late George H. W. Bush / 41st President of The United States.

Icon Jewels

Aldo Dinelli also actively consults financial institutions, private investors, and bankers on the “Investment Grade Process” of both world class gems, and important diamonds in today’s market.  Some of ICON Jewels other clients have included some of the following: Houston Museum of Natural Science, Merrill Lynch, PWC, Smith Barney, Shearson Lehman Brothers, Lloyd’s of London, Sports Agents, and Private Wealth Managers.

Icon Jewels

“We are happy to officially be a part of a very exciting time for the city of Austin, it is on the precipice of something truly great. We are witnessing real growth being seeded by some of the most progressive and creative minds in the world.” – Cynthia Pinot Dinelli, artistic provocateur, futurist, and co-founder of ICON Jewels

Their laid-back approach to quiet luxury, beautiful jewelry, art and style makes the ICON Jewels dynamic duo a perfect fit among other great Austin residents.


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