To satisfy the need of their client for refuge outside the busy city life in Tanglin Village, Singapore, design firm Design Intervention created a feminine bachelorette pad. Characterized by its serene glamour and chinoiserie chicness, making the most out of LUXXU’s stunning range of lighting fixtures to grant this project an air of sophistication and luxury.


The bedroom features a cozy atmosphere provided by the soft beige and brown color scheme, with a pop of gold brought by LUXXU’s McQueen Pendant Lamps, which are as dramatic as they are dainty. The light escapes and dances through the handmade brass butterflies and Swarovski crystal flowers, casting shadow patterns throughout the room.

From “Design Intervention” and the project is Bachelorette Pad.

The bathroom, which is adjacent to the bedroom, features the same comfortable aura, providing the client an indulgent bathing experience and a haven to rejuvenate and relax from the day’s busy schedule. The two large Tycho Wall Lamps line the entrance to the room in lieu of a door, granting the room an almost open space-like feature.


The kitchen and living area flow perfectly into each other due to their similar glamorous and cosmopolitan design style, as well as the color palette, which remains the same in both spaces.


The accent gold from the coffee table and LUXXU’s Waterfall Pendant Lamps add a luxurious touch that can be seen throughout the bachelorette pad and create an overall feminine and elegant design that fits the client’s expectations.

LUXXU’s empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless and refined pieces. Lighting was the start of this luxury journey, stating itself as classic with a modern twist and bold designs! Daring designs are symphonies handcrafted with the finest materials by expert craftsmen. Be our guest and get inspired by the greatest collection of timeless lighting fixtures.


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