The Incomparable Hotel In Madrid



Located in one of the most gorgeous European metropolis, Madrid, this five-star hotel is a mid-century dream! What can be characterized as one of the most influential cities in the world regarding arts, culture and politics, Madrid was the only fitting location for one of the most beloved projects yet. The high standard of living goes along perfectly with the astonishing silhouettes and sophisticated interiors of this mid-century styled hotel! Composed fully by the mesmerizing handcrafted furniture and lighting pieces, these elite ambiances are a distinguishable take of this design movement.


This gorgeous suite is composed by an enormous living space, a fully-equipped bathroom and a stunning bedroom! Focusing on the living space, this cold toned design is a timeless presentation of how well put-together a mid-century styled environment can present itself. The modular sofa in a pearly white combines flawlessly with the dark accent wall behind it, creating an effortlessly beautiful conjugation. The lighting pieces with its signature brass and stunning design transform this sophisticated room into a mid-century modern ambiance, radiating an elite aura.


An open concept that allows you to travel back in time – that is what the designers had in mind when envisioning this incredible bar area! With Galliano Pendant Lamps, there’s still a modern feel to an otherwise mid-century design, which enhances the sleekness of this area through its simple yet remarkable lines! Its versatility allows it to exude luxury while being useful, truly the best of both worlds. On the other hand, you also have Galea Bar Chair, inspired by a helmet worn by warriors in the Roman Empire, it’s an incomparable velvet and leather modern design! Its elegant silhouette, yet strong presence, ensures it’s the perfect piece for upscale bars.


Respecting the open concept previously talked about, the charming dining area of this prestigious hotel is a breathtaking experience that you won’t want to pass on! Paired with an extraordinary dining set, Galea Dining Chair enhances the glamorous ambiance that its included in, blending the ancient with the modern in a perfect way. It draws inspiration from the Roman Empire helmets and it’s living proof that you can build everlasting pieces through traditional production techniques.


Right by the dining area, there’s an elegant lounge where you can rest after an amazing meal prepared by extraordinary chefs. Get comfortable in Como Armchair, a velvet seating that proves that solid colors and simpler patterns work in a space of relaxation, and Como Sofa, a minimalist but exclusive natural beauty. This sofa is fully upholstered in cotton velvet, which allows you to unwind the busy day and breathe easier. Even though we wish you to relax, there has to be a statement piece that you can’t turn your eyes away from. That responsibility relies on Turner Table Lamp, inspired by the electrifying and memorable dance moves of Tina Turner. Its manoeuvrable arcs can be rotated into the desired position, which gives this table lamp a sense of adaptability and movement.

Born from the necessity of showcasing the elegant and exquisite side of the 20s to the 60s era, the Mid-Century Club is the perfect fusion of lighting and furniture design pieces originated by the sister brands DelightFULL and Essential Home.

Through the hard work and unique technique of amazing artisans, timeless pieces are made from the highest quality materials. The Club believes that excellency and heart-felt work is what defines and characterizes collections.

Known to be the captivating source of color and fun from this era, the Club is here to present you with a charming, incomparable experience full of timeless moments. With an exclusive tone to each and every piece, the Mid-Century Club is here to offer an everlasting showcase of the mid-century world and its breathtaking inspirations.


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