11 Tips for a Happy Baby

Happy Baby

Babies in their mother womb are sensitive to their mother psychological state. When you are happy your baby is happy when you are stressed or depressed your baby is stressed and suffers with you. High level of stress or depression may lead to prenatal, natal and postnatal complications.

Happy Baby

So here are guaranteed Tips to keep your baby happy at all times:

  1. Mom’s laughter lessens pregnancy stress and benefits the unborn baby as the baby feels your mood.
  2. Mom’s talking, singing and reading to baby in womb lead to recognition of mother voice, reassurance and mom/ baby bonding.
  3. Music specially classic music like Mozart or Vivaldi. The Mozart effect phenomenon, which is an urban myth that Mozart makes Brainier baby and suggests that increases the IQ. It induces secretion of Endorphins and Serotonin in mother and subsequently in baby, stimulates brain and sensory development , later on the love of music and amazingly the music heard in womb can later on calm the baby and drift them to sleep . Also Dad’s lullaby will help afterwards in recognition of his voice, calming the baby and easier for the Dad to put the baby to sleep.
  4. Gentle Massaging and rubbing of mom tummy with Vitamin E oils or creams lessens the stretch marks, decreases mom stress and calm the baby. Also it’s a way to play with the baby by touching the protruding parts. Dad also can connect with the baby by rubbing mom tummy.
  5. Raise your feet and relax 3-4 times daily to decrease swollen ankles and lessen the baby stress.
  6. Swimming will relief load from your feet and the baby will enjoy it.
  7. Pregnancy Yoga and Meditation increase dehydroepiandrosrerone DHEA hormone secreted from adrenal glands  improving mood and memory and benefit the baby.
  8. Walking and  safe exercise approved by the doctor including deep breathing induces the secretion of Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine hormones improving and boosting mother mood, well being and immune system. It benefits the baby and decrease baby’s heart rate.
  9. Rest your body , relax , take a nap and fuel your body and baby.
  10. Warm (not hot )baths will cause relaxation of your body and the baby will enjoy it.
  11. Indulge yourself, be happy and make your baby happy .. get a hug or better hugs, dance, eat chocolate, etc

Have any tricks of your own that you want to share with us? Leave in the comment section below.


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