The next edition of the ‘edible education’ subscription box takes little SUPERchefs on a journey to the United States. Kids will meet new superfood hero, Penny Pumpkin, and learn how to cook popular American dishes such as giant hamburgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, fish gumbo and pumpkin pie, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Aimed at kids aged 4 – 12, Avocado Kids is a new culinary adventure each month that provides a fun way to learn about cooking, nutrition, sustainability and more. With exciting recipes, table topics for family discussions and much more, Avocado Kids empowers kids, teaches new skills and brings families together.

Avocado Kids

“Cooking is my superpower, my apron is my cape!”

The recently launched ‘edible education’ subscription box by Avocado Kids, has announced the next culinary theme in its monthly series. Following a trip to Mexico, the November box heads on an exciting adventure to the U.S.A where kids aged 4-12 (or even grown up kids!), will meet another superfood superhero, Penny Pumpkin.

Avocado Kids

She takes them on a fun journey where they learn how to cook, where food comes from, and all about the power of superfoods – all with an American twist! Little chefs will learn how to cook classic American meals including giant homemade hamburgers, healthy yet super yummy mac ‘n’ cheese, fish gumbo, pumpkin pie, and learn about other food traditional to America’s Thanksgiving holiday.

With easy-to-make recipes, kindness cards, ‘table topics’ conversation coasters, family date night ideas, kitchen (and life) skills, creative activities, and much more, Avocado Kids entertains kids and brings families together.

Delivering to the UK and Ireland, the November box is available from 1st November. Subscription is just £19.99 monthly with up to 20% discounts for pre-paid 6-month or 12-month subscriptions. 6 and 12-month subscriptions receive a free branded apron worth £12.99 (which turns into a superhero cape).

While Penny Pumpkin debuts as the superfood hero for the November box, the Avocado Kid is the returning character every month to help frazzled parents looking for ways to entertain bored kids!

Avocado Kids

The Avocado Kid can also help with fussy eaters or junk food fans; the activities in the box empower kids to engage positively with food and if they’ve prepared it themselves, they are much more likely to eat it.

Research has shown that regular home-cooked meals produce happier, healthier young people who consume less sugar and processed food. Involving kids in these meals from a young age creates positive associations with the kitchen and lifelong healthy habits.
The Avocado Kid is the superfood superhero ready to save a generation of kids from the obesity epidemic!

Avocado Kids is the creation of Gabby Delellis, a young chef who grew up on a farm in Sussex and believes that sustainability and locally grown and sourced produce is the cornerstone of healthy living. Through Avocado Kids, she hopes to empower kids to become SUPERchefs by giving them skills, knowledge, and positive food experiences to help learn healthy eating habits which will stay with them for life.

Avocado Kids

Gabby said, “I created Avocado Kids as a solution to the problems that so many parents experience with children at dinnertime:

– The kids are bored at the dinner table because they are not interested in their food
– They won’t try new, healthy foods
– For fussy eaters who won’t go near certain food because of the way it looks

“Through Avocado Kids, I hope to reconnect kids and families to food, and food origins. It’s about empowering kids in and out of the kitchen by teaching them how to make healthy, exciting recipes from all over the world, and focusing on superfoods and nutritional benefits.”


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