Sheffield-based clay crayon company Bambino launches an exciting new Peppa Pig-branded 12 pack of their uniquely formulated clay colouring crayons.

The adorably designed packs feature the world’s most favourite pig and her younger brother George, and can be purchased on Amazon UK or


Within the packs are 12 of Bambino’s kaolin clay crayons. Each of the vibrantly coloured crayons comes wrapped in a paper casing featuring Peppa and a blue puddle splash design unique to the Peppa Pig Pack.

The product launch comes after the stationery company secured the elusive licencing from Disney to use Peppa’s design on their packaging.

The release of these child-friendly packs comes as a part of Bambino’s two-pronged method to target its two key audiences – children and adult colouring enthusiasts.

Whilst these crayons can be enjoyed by artists of any age, the non-toxic child-safe formula is easily cleaned and does not stain, making them ideal for kids.


The crayons are made from a unique clay – not wax, formula originally developed almost 100 years ago in Poland – where the brand originates.

The clay formula sets these crayons apart from other brands (which are typically wax based), improving practically every aspect of the colouring experience.

The most noticeable difference from wax crayons is the smooth application and highly-pigmented colour which makes them a joy to use.


The crayons also do not leave or pick up residue from one another, ensuring that the bright colours stay just as vibrant after hundreds of uses.

The company also offers a wide range of colouring books, and adult colouring bundles which include a crayon extender for more precise colouring, as well as the ever popular Jumbo Crayons which have newly been restocked in a pack of 24.


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