Children can design a unique family heirloom for their mum or dad in a competition from a jeweller.

Joanne Turner, from GemPort Jewellery, was inspired to launch the giveaway after her daughter gave her a beautiful pendant design as a Mother’s Day gift.

Mum-of-two Joanne said she was so touched with the pendant – a hummingbird designed as a symbol of love by daughter Alisha, 14, that she wanted another parent to celebrate that special bond.

She said: “Alisha drew a pendant with a mum and baby bird. Its meaning was to reassure me at a time of home-schooling and uncertainty. She also wanted to lift me up through negativity wherever it creeps in.”

Joanne said she was inspired by Alisha’s thoughtfulness to make a similar gift possible for someone else.

Along with husband and business partner David, Joanne is now launching the Kids Design an Heirloom competition to offer a nominated parent a gift designed by one of their children. Worth up to £330, the resulting intricate piece will be handcrafted in sliver.


Joanne is the founder and managing director of GemPort Jewellery, based in the Jewellery Business Centre, Spencer Street, Birmingham, and has more than 30 years of experience in the jewellery industry. She spent 16 years at one of Europe’s largest platinum jewellery manufacturers. But she said that a personal, uniquely tailored piece would always have a place in the heart of those lucky enough to receive one as a gift.

“I wanted to share the love and put a smile on another parent’s face,” said Joanne. “What better way to do that, than get the kids involved too?’

“As a mum and family business owner, I find the uncertainty emotionally draining. The strain is taking a toll. That’s why I am launching this competition. I want to celebrate how special parents are and how creative kids can be.

“I want to celebrate the family bond. The winner’s parent will receive their unique design cast in silver in our workshop in the Jewellery Quarter.

“As a family business we understand the importance of family heirlooms and how much a piece of jewellery is treasured. I’m so very grateful for anything my daughter or son draws for me or makes. I still have their little handprints that they made for me at pre-school.

“We were thinking we could do something for Mother’s Day but then we thought – why not include dads too?

“We want to hear what makes a mum or dad special why they’d love this bespoke heirloom. And we also want to see the suggested designs to see how they could be recreated in silver.”

Prices for the keepsake to be reproduced from a unique design would usually £150 for the CAD design and from £180 for the resulting item.

For more details and to enter the Gemport ‘Kids design an heirloom’ competition, visit its page here.


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