There was a time when seeing chiropractors was for adults and while that is not the case anymore, some still do not really know just how much a pediatric chiropractor can do for your babies and children. Chiropractic is a means of treatment that does not rely on medication and drugs. Sometimes parents try traditional options and are not getting the results they hoped for. Sometimes they want an option that is safe to try and based on real science. Here is a look at how it can help your children.


Being born sucks!

The birthing process is not just tough for the mother, a baby goes through a lot when they are being born. Squeezing through that birth canal, having extra strain from forceps and/or suction. The process can cause misalignment or subluxation even in a newborn that then interferes with their central nervous system. Taking them to see a pediatric chiropractor Ocean County or close to you can help reverse this.

Treating a range of normal childhood issues

Taking your child to a regular doctor is still important. This is not replacing your child’s health practitioner. But seeing a chiropractor alongside that really helps them. It helps boost their immune system so they can better fight off those ear infections, colds, fevers and such. It can also help with various issues that have become more of a concern in recent years such as ADHD. Other things it helps with include Colic, allergies, epilepsy, bedwetting and poor posture.


Find a chiropractic care that specializes in treating children

Just as a pediatrician specializes in treating children with traditional medicine, so a pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County, treats children with chiropractic manipulation. Make sure they are trained and experienced in treating infants and kids and you can trust their treatment methods because they have learned how to use different, more gentle techniques for them. A chiro will evaluate the spine and use light and safe manipulations along it if needed.


The process does not hurt at all though understandably on their first visit a child might be nervous about what is coming. Some might cry but it is not from the treatment itself, it is from the unknown. Popping sounds are from joint air bubbles being released. Often after a few sessions, the gap between visits can be longer as they see the benefits from seeing a pediatric chiropractor Ocean County.



Any parent wants their child to remain healthy, be pain-free, and enjoy an active life. The best way to help them achieve this is to include other means of treatment that are safe and effective. Seeing a pediatric chiropractor is something you can easily include as part of their lifestyle to help them, even from birth! Help them avoid infections, manage pain, have better posture and feel and do better in general. Just make sure you choose a chiropractor that is properly trained, with the proper skill and experience.

This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.


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