According to a recent study, there has been a notable increase in multi-generational holidays in 2023. The study indicates that a significant 89% of vacationers are now contemplating the idea of planning a getaway involving at least three generations of their family as a grandparents and kids holiday.

Having other members of the family about helps take the burden off of new parents with 95% considering booking a group holiday. 55% say it is so important for them as they are more relaxed than when they are at home.

Grandparents are excited to celebrate milestone events with 33% saying the most important thing for them is to ensure there are plenty of activities for everyone, a fifth say it is key they can indulge in luxury experiences.

The research, commissioned Visit Dubai and based on a survey of a thousand British adults, suggests families are increasingly looking for opportunities to spend quality time together with 70% expressing a desire to creating lasting memories while on holiday.

Top Holiday Priorities by Generation

grandparents kids holiday


  • Good value (61%)
  • Good weather (60%)
  • Plenty of activities for everyone (54%)
  • A stress-free and relaxing experience (52%)
  • Entertainment (50%)


  • Lots of kid’s activities (68%)
  • Entertainment (65%)
  • Good weather (46%)
  • Plenty of activities for everyone (37%)
  • Safety (25%)


  • Good weather (52%)
  • A stress-free and relaxing experience (49%)
  • Good value (47%)
  • Safety (37%)
  • Entertainment (32%)

More than half (52%) said they looked forward to experiencing and discovering shared interests with their family, and just over a quarter (26%) said they wanted to make up for time they feel that they lost during the pandemic. Two fifths (43%) of respondents said the most memorable moments of quality time they had experienced were the ones they spent with their whole family while on holiday.

According to the survey, the top holiday priorities for parents are good value (61%) and good weather (60%), while grandparents put a high value on having a stress-free and relaxing experience (49%). The younger generation, unsurprisingly, just want to have fun, giving their vote to plenty of activities (68%) and entertainment (65%).

One thing that the whole family can agree on, is that good weather is at the top of the agenda with parents saying this is the most important thing for them (60%) grandparents agree at 52%, and kids at 46%.


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