On the 21st April, a nation of tea-lovers will celebrate National Tea Day. And this year children are being encouraged to get involved by Small & Wild, the happy herbal tea company for kids.

With Brits drinking approx. 100 million cups of tea a day, the entrepreneurial mums behind the Small & Wild felt it was about time kids got their own version of this staple beverage.

The company is on a mission to get youngsters enjoying naturally caffeine-free tea with its herbal and fruit infusions created especially for children. The blends in the range have been lovingly crafted to deliver flavours that kids adore, with enticing smells and colours to get their taste buds excited.


The teas are made from 100% natural, ethically sourced ingredients and are caffeine free, with no added sugar or nasties, providing a healthy way to encourage kids to stay hydrated.

The range was created by tea-loving mums, Kate & Becky. They were frustrated with the lack of healthy, yet tasty, drink options for children and decided to share their passion for a wholesome cuppa with their kids.


Kate elaborates:

“National Tea Day is a great opportunity to celebrate our nation’s favourite beverage – and children don’t need to be to left out. We hope they’ll join us by supping on our happy herbal blends made especially for them.”

Range includes


Jolly Croc Tea with Banana, Strawberry & Apple. A super fruity infusion bursting with vibrant banana, sweet strawberry and refreshing apple.
Merry Tiger Tea with Pear, Mango & Raspberry. A thirst-quenching infusion brimming with fruity flavours of pear, mango & raspberry.
Happy Toucan Tea with Rooibos, Cinnamon & Vanilla. A yummy vanilla chai, perfect with a splash of milk as a healthy but completely delicious treat.
Snoozy Fox Tea with Camomile, Spearmint & Lavender. Calming camomile tea, infused with sweet spearmint, a hint of lavender and relaxing lemon balm.


RRP £4.95 for 15 biodegradable tea bags, packed in plastic free packaging.

Now available are limited-edition tea sets featuring a British made, silk screen printed mug and pack of tea in a beautiful gift box, and special edition Mint Choco and Toffee Apple flavours.

All teas in the range are designed to brew at a child friendly temperature and are also delicious iced.

Support from Dietician:

Dietitian Laura Clark says:

“Small & Wild tea is broadening our horizons by providing an alternative healthy drink for children, which complements a healthy balanced diet, contributing to their fluid intakes, and helping to set the scene for a healthy attitude towards nourishing our bodies and minds.

All teas come in fun illustrated boxes, which will excite even the fussiest drinker. Inside is totally plastic free packaging, including 15 of wonderful pyramid tea bags which can be composted with your food waste.


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