Whenever we think about emotions, we always think about them as being negative or how to manage them. Actually when you think about it, we can live without many things but we cannot live without our emotions. We need our emotions to live.

The Finnish way is here to help families; they help parents involved in early parenting to recognise how to use their emotions positively in order to thrive within social relationships particularly with their young children.

Good Together

The Finnish way primarily support through the use of interactive activities designed to neurologically stimulate positive change, evidence based interventions and live teaching sessions online.

The founder alone has taught over 24,000 children with almost 40 years of teaching experience; much work has been undertaken with educational psychologist, physiotherapist, and occupational therapist, as well as speech therapists. All the professional techniques are wrapped up in this course.

As you can imagine many parents, are eagerly awaiting support on thousands of clinical waiting lists relating to behavioural and social concerns. They are primarily waiting for an intervention to utilise with their little ones.

The Finnish Way have evidenced based interventions at your fingertips. Optimisation of these interventions are most effective in the early years with the little ones between the age of rising 2 to 7 years of age.

The Finnish way are here to help you thrive not merely survive these times. The Finnish way are here to empower parents in a creative way because both care-giver and child mental health matters.


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