The term “Online Predator” is getting a lot of popularity in the present age. Well, it was not so common a few years back, but soon as the smartphone got popular, the predators gained fame.

The online predators refer to the sexual abusers who lure kids for their lust. Such predators have been among us for very long. They have been ambushing kids and pushing them towards the fulfillment of their lust. Well, predators became digital soon as people learned how to communicate with each other using telephones and computers. Further, a few years back predators became online with the advent and rise of cell phone technology.


Well, the online predators in the present age take advantage of the communication means. They interact with kids through email, chats, messengers, and social networks. Further, they usually follow this type of plan to lure kids for their sexual lust:

➢ The first job is to become friends. For that, they can do anything, like posting attractive content or appearing helpful.
➢ In the next stage, they begin to attract kids towards anything particular to kids’ interests. That could be games, stories, movies, or anything else.
➢ Once a solid bond develops, which may take up to a month, they begin to drive them towards explicit content. They share explicit media or verbally tend to drive them.
➢ Next on they begin to lure kids toward explicit activities. They begin sharing their unequivocal photos and media and make kids share theirs.
➢ Finally, they ask kids to meet them and do something naughty.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to make the online predator stop doing the bad stuff. However, parents can protect kids from online predators with the help of monitoring apps like OgyMogy.Further, there are a few signs that can help parents decide whether they need such an app or not. Here they are:

➢ Kids begin hiding their cell phone activities. Soon as you see them using their phone, they may turn off the screen or lock the phone
➢ They are always found using their smartphones or tablets
➢ Gifts begin to appear from strange and unknown locations
➢ Plenty of unknown calls surface
➢ Explicit content can be found on kids’ phones

If you have experienced any of these signs in your kids, it’s time to get OgyMogy.

How OgyMogy Protect Kids from Online Predators?

OgyMogy has parental monitoring app feature that enable parents to monitor their kids and modify the app preferences on their kids’ phones. It is like a one-stop solution that has everything that the parents need to ensure their kids are safe and away from online predators.

On a basic note, parents can see the call logs of their kids along with the time stamp. Onto more detail, they can listen to every call as well. Further, there is a text monitoring system that shows every message that their kids received or send.

Moving onto the advanced features, parents can see where their kids are physical. Since online predators love to be floating across social networks and messengers, parents can see everything that their kids do with on their social accounts. Certainly, OgyMogy keeps the parents aware of everything that happens in their kids’ life.

Ahead of that, it is pretty easy to access the monitoring data using OgyMogy. OgyMogy stores the data in the clouds. Parents just have to log into their dedicated account and access the data. Further, they can keep the data in their drive as well, if they wish to.

Develop the Trust:

Parenting is all about trust. Since OgyMogy works secretly, kids may not know anything that they are being monitored. However, soon as they learn from you that you are watching them, it may damage your relationship. Indeed, it is wise and better to develop trust.

Certainly, every relation demands trust, and when you are on the verge of keeping your kids safe, you should also encourage it. Be their friends and guide them on how to deal with online predators. They need your time to learn how to face this world. OgyMogy is just a tool that is here to help the parents with kids monitoring app. Rest is all onto them how they wish to take their relationship ahead with their kids.


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