Children in the UK are spending more time than ever indoors, and the health impact of the air within our homes should not be underestimated. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to serious health conditions such as cancer, asthma and cardiovascular diseases. To counter this, Rust-Oleum has launched an intelligent air-purifying wall paint for children’s rooms. The new range, Little Stars, is available in 18 health-promoting, mood-boosting child-friendly shades.


The home is full of harmful substances, such as VOCs and formaldehydes, an example of aldehydes, that can be found in curtains and carpets. Hairsprays, cigarette smoke, household perfumes, building materials, and using a gas burner during cooking are another example of the aldehydes emitted into the air.

Aldehydes can cause serious health issues including the irritation of the eyes, airways and nose, and can worsen the symptoms of those with asthma and other respiratory infections.


The eco-friendly wall paint’s special air-purifying formula absorbs these harmful substances and insulates them in the wall creating a safe environment for your children. The paint starts working from the moment it dries and absorbs the substances for up to five years.

With the Eurofins Certified Gold Air Comfort certificate, the air purifying wall paint also meets the ISO 16000 standard. This standard specifies the procedure for determining the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), for example in indoor building products and upholstered furniture.


The colour tones of the new product line were carefully selected with advice from a child psychologist to offer either a calming, playful or inspiring effect so not only the parents, but also the children can let off steam and develop artistically according to their taste – and where better than in your own children’s room.
The paint range is suitable for use on walls, ceilings, and leaves an extremely opaque, matt finish.

The ‘Little Stars’ Wall Paint range is available to buy for an RRP of £36 per can from


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