The Colored Water Fountain is the first book in a new series by Dr. Calvin James of Calvin James Creates. Scheduled for release in December 2021, the book dives deep into the world of racism through a simple yet unforgettable story about a very different world.

Asher and Adeline live in a world recreated by a great flood. This world is beautiful and good and the two have no memory of the past, nor do the animals who are the caretakers of this new world. But some things from the previous world were left behind. When the kids discover a water fountain with a sign above it reading, “Colored Water Fountain,” Asher and Adeline set out to discover its meaning. But what will they do with the information when the truth is revealed?

James cites the importance of education around social justice as part of his inspiration to write The Colored Water Fountain noting, “I wanted to create a way to explain to children that this is not the way the world should be. It’s never too early to talk to kids about prejudice and racism, this type of topic is not one you want to let your children learn from someone else.”

Early reviews welcome the series as a much needed addition to the world of children’s literature, inspiring the younger generation to follow their dreams for a better world.

●       “Wow! This story may be written for children, but make no mistake: every single adult on the planet needs to read this book as well. Respectful, inspirational, and thought-provoking.”Sheri Hoyte, Managing Editor, Reader Views Kids

●       “…an important story with beautiful illustrations throughout and a Christian themed mythology that explores truth, kindness, friendship, love, and hope in a one-of-a-kind way.” – Thomas Anderson Editor and Chief Literary Titan


The Colored Water Fountain (ISBN 978-1737178910, Calvin James Creates (2021) is scheduled for release on 12/01/2021. It’s now available for pre-order at local and online bookstores everywhere and on

Dr. Calvin James began his creative journey when he was nineteen. He taught himself how to play guitar, started writing music, and founded a record company, Climax Records, Inc. Around 2011, he took an interest in writing and gradually shifted his focus away from music to writing children’s stories. Upon finishing graduate school, he decided to share all the music and stories he had written and founded Calvin James Creates. The mission statement of his company is to share children’s stories, novels, and music that promote the values of truth, kindness, friendship, love, and hope.


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