Young Living, the world leader in essential oils, has just released a new range for your little ones, its KidScents® Roll-On Collection. This has been carefully created with your kids in mind, featuring pure essential oils to encourage feelings of positivity wherever your child may be whether it’s at home, school or even in the playground.

KidScents TummyGize Roll-On

Young Living

Young Living’s exclusive TummyGize Roll-On can be applied directly on the tummy for an aroma that helps promote a comforting atmosphere.

A carefully blended combination of Ginger, Tangerine, Fennel, and other pure essential oils, TummyGize Roll-On has a naturally comforting aroma that may help when dealing with tiny tummies.

KidScents GeneYus Roll-On

Young Living

KidScents GeneYus Roll-On can be used topically to create a sharp, fresh environment that is great while children work on schoolwork and projects. Formulated specifically to meet the needs of children, this pure essential oil blend is soothing when used topically with massage and adds an excellent aroma to create productive, positive atmospheres. With grounding and calming scents of Sacred Frankincense and Cedarwood, alongside other botanicals, KidScents GeneYus is excellent to use when children need to re-center during homework time.

KidScents KidPower Roll-On

Young Living

Great on the go, this exclusive blend—featuring the key constituents limonene, bornyl acetate, and sabinene and some of Young Living’s favorite and inspiring essential oils—offers a sweet, empowering aroma. Apply KidPower daily on your children’s wrists or back of the neck to inspire, motivate, and empower.

KidScents DreamEase Roll-On

Young Living

Roll on KidScents DreamEase Roll-On and allow your child to breathe in the sweetly calming properties of Lavender, plus Geranium and Roman Chamomile. Apply this peaceful blend on the bottoms of your child’s feet, nape, or chest as part of naptime or bedtime. DreamEase combines the naturally calming aromas of select botanicals to create a serene atmosphere and an aroma that helps your child unwind at the end of the day, making for less fuss before bed.

KidScents Refresh Roll-On

Young Living

KidScents Refresh Roll-On contains a carefully selected blend of cooling, richly aromatic pure essential oils. This Young Living exclusive is formulated for children ages two and up and can be applied directly to the chest or throat. A gentle blend of Eucalyptus, Palo Santo, the unique blend of Young Living R.C.®, and other pure essential oils, Refresh has an aroma that helps ease feelings of discomfort and supports the feeling of normal, clear breathing.

KidScents KidCare Roll-On

Young Living

Great to have on hand for outdoor activities, KidScents KidCare Roll-On is a soothing roll-on aroma blend of Idaho Grand Fir, Tea Tree, and Elemi essential oils that can be used on dry and sensitive skin. A Young Living exclusive, this comforting, reassuring blend naturally soothes, has an aroma that is calming in times of distress, and features pure essential oils that support the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

Also part of the KidScents collection, these items are a must!

Feather The Owl Ultrasonic Diffuser

Young Living

Say hello to the cutest essential oil diffuser yet: Feather the Owl. Tuck your little ones in each night or energise any playroom with this multi-function diffuser—it’s an aroma diffuser, night-light and white-noise machine, all in one! Easy to use, Feather the Owl features multiple diffusion from low to high, 10 different LED light options and 5 white-noise sound options.

Each diffuser comes with a 5 ml bottle of Lavender essential oil.

Exclusive Easy-Touch Talons offer touch-sensitive power and light operation. Diffuses your favourite essential oils.

KidScents® DreamEase

Young Living

Help your child settle in with a relaxing nighttime routine by massaging this peaceful aroma into their skin directly before a nap or bedtime. Carefully blended with a variety of oils, DreamEase promotes an atmosphere that’s conducive to a calm, restful sleep. When applied topically, DreamEase offers an excellent way to help your child naturally unwind at the end of the day.

DreamEase combines the naturally calming aromas of select botanicals to create a serene atmosphere that will help your child unwind.

KidScents® Toothpaste

Young Living

This new an all-natural toothpaste for kids uses Young Living’s Thieves® and Slique™ Essence essential oil blends to gently clean and protect your kids’ teeth. This safe, yet effective, blend promotes healthy teeth without the use of fluoride, dyes, synthetic colors, artificial flavours, or preservatives.

Young Living Essential Oils is the world leader in essential oils, offering the highest-quality oil-infused products available with its European headquarters based in Chiswick, London. Young Living takes its industry leadership seriously, setting the standard with its proprietary Seed to Seal® quality commitment, which involves three critical pillars: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. These guiding principles help Young Living protect the planet and provide pure, authentic products that its members can feel confident about using and sharing with friends and family. Young Living’s products—which all come from corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers—not only support a healthy lifestyle but also provide opportunities for over 6 million global members to find a sense of purpose and whole-life wellness by aligning their work with their values and passions.


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