Children love playing with a sword and shield set and parents love the look and feel of the wooden collection. You can find these fun and robust toys in most historical locations around the UK and now its time to bring them direct to the children.

Green Owl Toys find designs representing history or symbols of bravery and strength are most loved. They believe all children are enthusiastic about play and love to use their imagination to create amazing scenarios. Using these toys every child wins every time.

Wooden Christmas Toys

Green Owl Toys creates robust wooden weapons that fit every child since 2009. The brand associates itself with eco-friendly toys and plastic-free packaging and use ethically source materials and use wood from PEFC managed forests.

Historically, they have been selling only wholesale supplying castles and museums with historic swords and shields. The company have adapted to running an online toy shop and enjoying the new trading times.

Wooden Christmas Toys

Legendary Dragon shield and sword £25.00

Its easy to imagine being the courageous knight when holding this Dragon shield and sword. The graphics of the brave dragon on this 48cm tall shield is amazing. The shield has 2 cotton straps at the back to hold the shield in your arm. The decorative 45cm long sword comes with a wooden sheath. Attached to the sheath is a belt loop so you can carry the robust sword with you wherever you go. Link

Knights Templar wooden shield and dagger toy £17.50

Take cover behind the wooden Templar shied. The shield is 57cm tall and has a sturdy wooden handle at the back to make it easy and comfortable to hold. Together with this shield is the nifty, wooden, dagger. The dagger has some fun curves in it to make any swashbuckler proud. The dagger is a lovely 35cm long. Link

Roman Shield and Sword £25.00

Get into the role of the Romans with this great set. It is a perfect fit for Asterix fans. They are fantastic replicas of the real weapons but in wood and used as a toy. The Roman sword is 55cm long while the rectangular Roman shield is 46 cm tall. Link

Unicorn Defender wooden sword and shield £15.00

Any child that loves unicorns loves the elegant Unicorn painted on this shield. The shield has light natural colour so that each child can make it their own by colouring it in. The back of the wooden shield is a cotton strap to make it easy to hold. The Unicorn shield is complimented by the Rainbow Defender sword that is 48 cm tall. It is light to hold and the handle has a colourful cotton cord wrapped around it. Feel the imagination spark just by looking at it. Link

Check out these fun, robust wooden swords and shields for every brave warrior during these epic times on Green Owl Toys website.


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