Life is already a bliss and blessing. Our misunderstanding towards it makes it messy. Its nature is clear, simple and true. It is we who make it complicated, complex and unright. There is so much to run after. But we choose to be stuck in.

Things that we are holding on, are making our lives drift away from happiness and prosperity. Happiness lies in simplicity. Our nature goes after chasing the complexity.

Here are 5 things that must let go off right now to prosper your life:

Toxic Relationships

A lot many things that take away our freedom, come with an unright relationship and fake love. May it be with family, friends or other relations. The relation that does not liberate you, grow you, make you a better person, is not worth keeping. You need to understand that you are enough and you don’t need anyone to complete you or make you feel content.

The saddest part of this is, whether the relationship is toxic or good is very difficult to notice. And for the same, letting go off, that which doesn’t make you feel comfortable with yourself is the best decision that you could make for yourself.

Let Go

At times, even comfort can make your life uncomfortable. Hence, choosing the relationship on the basis of both yours and your life’s comfort is very essential.

Fake Emotions

If you have to show your false face or if you have to change yourself in front of anyone. The emotion, the circumstance, and the people are all meant to give up.

Now, at times, it is good to leave your comfort zone. But the thing to keep in mind your well being. People worse than you make you uncomfortable and people better than you make you feel the same. But the place where you would have to fake around is the place you got to give up on.

Faking to be good, doesn’t make you good, rather makes your life worse. It is good to really bad than to be false nice. And false emotions, benefit none, befits you and your relations.

Double Standards

Treating everyone and everything differently, according to your own selfishness is something to be given up as soon as you get that realization. The worst thing would be not getting realized about the mistake that you are making.

Many people are not aware of their mistakes or the things that they are holding on. And without the awareness, you can never give up the thing that you are holding near and dear to you.

Double standards make your life messy and chaotic. It is good to be flexible and it is wise to choose your behaviour. But double standards is something that differs from these with a faint line. Knowing the difference is the real wisdom. Rather than giving the double standards up, you should actually give up your foolish nature.


97 per cent of what you think, never exists in reality. And that what never exists is draining your energy. This not only makes your life disturbed but your health, mind and thoughts, everything is disturbed on a regular basis.

Thinking is always good. Curiosity is also good. Researching and being thoughtful is good too. What is wrong is overthinking. These are attributes of thought, seems close but are significantly different. Overthinking drain your brain, while being thoughtful and curious, boosts your brain’s energy.

Let Go

Think about only that exists for sure. And the final certainty is truth, it is life and it is death. Your being, your well being and your peace is the certainty. Chase and keep that. Think over that. Not over which is not.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Happiness depends largely on the sound body and sound mind. The above-mentioned all the parameters shed light on the mind. However, a sound mind comes out of the sound body.

A healthy lifestyle keeps you healthy and happy. A healthy body can think of keeping itself and surrounding healthy. It includes diet, sleep, yoga and meditation. Beyond this, cleanliness is the factor too.

So that which is unhealthy should be given up from consuming and spreading. A healthy body creates a healthy mind and a happy life.


Life is meant to be spent happily. With all the fakes, and games come restless nights not the peaceful sleep. Life is in its content. And the content of life depends on your mind’s and body’s contents.

What have you decided to give up? Do let us know in the comments below if what you gave up was something else than the above mentioned.


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