Flowers fade and chocolate is fattening, so what should you give your significant other if you really want to make a great impression and you want your relationship to last? We suggest the gift of knowledge.

In 750 Questions Worth Asking Yourself or Your Significant Other, author Glenn Proctor guides readers through a search for both compatibility and self discovery. Sometimes funny, often sexy, and always thought-provoking, these essential questions you probably never considered asking get to the heart of relationships as they build trust and strength. Whether they are large or small, looming or seemingly insignificant (at the time), there are questions that we all should ask before giving our hearts away, taking the next step in a relationship, or popping the question.

As with all his books, the award-winning journalist, mentor and leadership coach wants his questions to elicit responses. Questions like:” Is it harder for men or women to be faithful?” “Do you worry most about money, health or happiness?” and “Is it best to love or be loved?”  Are certain to spark meaningful conversations over dinner or late night pillow talk.  To ensure that the female perspective is well represented, Proctor tapped his team of accomplished experts: life coach Paula Lesso, relationship coach Lori Ann Davis and fashion and image coach Alice Flowers with additional input from early editors Natasha Morris and Courtney Price Davis.

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So, whether you are looking to describe your perfect Sunday morning, figuring out how much your significant other really texts, or wondering whether an open relationship would improve your marriage, delve into this book with the one you love for some eye-opening moments that just might help you better weather the storms of life and love.

Proctor enjoys love and relationship topics. Love, Lust & Flirts, the second volume of his Finding Dust Trilogy, explores the same ground and has drawn praise:

“Love this book. The poems fill me with a roller coaster of emotions and causes me to think deeply about past and present relationships! Great read ❤.”

– Amazon review

750 Questions Worth Asking Yourself or Your Significant Other is available for purchase.

Author Glenn Proctor completed a journalism career spanning 41 years when he retired as executive editor and vice president of the Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch. He shared in the Pulitzer Prize at The Akron Beacon Journal, judged Pulitzers five times, taught at Kent State and Washington and Lee universities and lectured at dozens of other schools. A Marine and Vietnam veteran, the longtime professional mentor is a career and life coach, peer support professional and mental health advocate, leadership trainer and media strategist.


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