Can you see a good relationship? Of course, no one knows exactly what is going on between any couple, but decades of scientific research into love, and relationships, have taught us that many behaviors can predict when a couple is on solid ground or upset. Lead to water. Overnight good relationships are formed. It will take a commitment, compromise, forgiveness, and the most important thing is effort. So, Keep reading for healthy relationship science, fun quizzes and the latest tips, that really help to build a strong bond between both the partner. As well as, there are many Important Things In A Relationship that you should know to make your relationship last longer.

Love and Romance

Falling in love is the easy part. The challenge for couples is how to reignite the fire of romance from time to time and trust a mature relationship, which is the hallmark of a lasting relationship.

What’s Your Love Style?

  • Did you really mean it, when you say “I love you”?
  • There is a love scale that identifies the six different types of love found in our closest relationships.
  • Romantic: Based on passion and sexual attraction
  • Best Friends: Love and deep love
  • Logical: Practical feelings based on shared values, financial goals, religion, etc.
  • Agile: feelings or challenges created by agility
  • Potential: Jealousy and passion
  • Selfless: Nurture, Mercy, and Sacrifice

Researchers have found that the love we feel in our most committed relationships is usually a combination of two or three different forms. Although, the two people in the same relationship can have very different versions of how they define love. Dr. Hatakoff gives the example of a man and a woman who have dinner. The waiter flirts with the woman, but the husband does not see and talk about changing the oil in his car. The wife is upset that her husband is not jealous. The husband feels that his extra work has not been appreciated.

Men and women each define love differently. For her, love is practical and is best shown by helpful gestures such as car maintenance. For her, love is a right, and the jealous response by her husband considers her important.

Love and Romance

Making your partner feel loved can help you navigate the conflict and bring romance into your relationship. You and your partner Dr. Take a love style quiz from Hatkoff and find out how each of you has defined love. If you find that your partner is jealous, make sure you notice him when you are flirting with him or her. If your partner is practical in love, pay attention to several small ways to take care of your daily needs.

Reignite Romance

Romantic love has been called a “natural addiction” because it activates the brain’s reward center – specifically the dopamine pathways associated with intoxication, alcohol, and gambling. But the same path also deals with newness, energy, meditation, learning, inspiration, ecstasy and longing. No wonder we feel so energized and inspired when we fall in love!

But we all know that over time romantic, passionate love fades a bit, and (we hope) matures into a more satisfying form of committed love. Nevertheless, many couples have prolonged courtship. But is it possible?

Diagnose your passion level

Psychology professor Elaine Hatfield explains that the love we feel early in a relationship is different from the love we feel later. Initially, love is “sentimental”, meaning that we have an intense longing for our partner. Long-term relationships develop “associative love”, which can be described as intense affection and strong feelings of commitment and intimacy.

Staying Faithful

Both men and women have to train themselves to protect their relationships and increase feelings of commitment for a long and healthy relationship. Being loyal means deciding that your love for this one person fulfills your desire to be with another person on the planet. It means that you have decided that you have found the person with whom you are to spend the rest of your life and you are not going to do anything to mess it up.


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