Hello, Hope all is well!!

My name is Samantha Harding & I’m owner and found of Sahar by Samantha Harding. My brand started in university as a hobby and escalated to selling to friends of friends and then to people I’ve never met.

Next year the brand turns 10, Sahar sells in so many countries via representatives and luxury boutiques. Its an exclusive brand so big retailers like Selfridges and Harrods do not fit its placement. I’ve always had a strong link with people from communities & the water.

This year after alot of planning and implementing I’ve included a social project in Sahar, which helps both, and slowly this project will grow. Its not only a brand that sells lifestyle and exclusivity now it gives back to those less fortunate.


I’m founder, CEO and creative director of Sahar. 31 years of age and have had to step back from success and scaling 3 times but I believe that this was only to push my brand to were I want to be. Yes I dream big and very big.

I started Sahar in University, it went so well and then I got into an abusive relationship, after the ending Sahar went even better and then I got into another abusive relationship where we where in a drink and drive accident ( i should of been driving then it wouldn’t have happened)! See link here.

Yes that’s me unconscious on the ground, 4 years later and I’m still recovering, I had to learn to walk again and all that but that never brought my positive side down, only made it stronger and this time grateful.

So after learning that the sun would be have to be avoided for 2/3 years and no surfing I decided to move to London. I’m still here till today because I feel this is the place I have to be to get my brand to where it has to be even though, it takes a lot of sacrifice to build an empire.

I can go in depth & write an article but this is my story cut short above is the link to my brand! I would be thrilled to elaborate more!


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