CELESTIAL SYMPHONY is a vibrational fragrance house, born of a sacred wish to manifest Heaven on Earth. Experience aromatherapy blended with artistic flare; infused with crystals + angelic light codes to enhance your graceful living + raise your vibration.

Product lineup include:

Fragrant Crystal Candles + Bathing Rituals + Aura Elixirs.

All thoughtfully formulated with sustainably sourced, naturally active ingredients. Pure essential oil fragrances.

Artisan micro batch. Lovingly handmade in Cornwall. 100% Supernatural!

What are angelic light codes?

You may think of angelic light codes as a form of energy medicine. It is a light language programmed with specific frequencies to heal the energy body + awaken ancient wisdom deep within the soul.

“Every creative breath of Celestial Symphony is a prayer to express divine grace in sensuous form. I believe sensorial delight is how the incarnate soul connects with the divine.”

– Awen, founder + soul whisperer



AWEN ROSE is the DIVINE FEMININE fragrance. A creamy vanilla rose scent that blooms like a smile. Supports trauma healing + emotional safety. Awakens the Divine Feminine within.


HEARTSONG is the LOVE SPELL fragrance. A sweetheart scent of rose + cinnamon + ylang ylang. Attracts love in all forms. Supports heart healing + overcoming grief. Also grants courage to follow your heartsong.


FOREST BREATH is the MUSE fragrance. An uplifting yet very soothing scent of an evergreen forest. Supports graceful communication + clarity of thought + clears karmic dust bunnies.


AMETHYST EMBRACE is the INTUITION fragrance. A comfort blanket scent of lavender + vanilla. Supports accessing the Akashic Records + psychic abilities. Also promotes deep sleep.


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