The Truth of Trauma


The Truth of Trauma is Channelled by Author Yuos’sima Diamond Rose. It was never her intent to become a channel, however after years of unhealed trauma, it opened up the ability to be able to channel source.

This is what birthed this book. Yuos’sima is just a average thirty year old woman who tells the fate of how unhealed trauma led her to do this work. It was when her health hit rock bottom that she had to find another way.

When she was diagnosed with a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia she was desperate for answers and that’s when she was introduced to a spiritual awakening. She spent years discovering how she could heal her own trauma by going within.

She became the master of herself. This book tells the tale of how no matter how hopeless things may seem, that we can be the healer of self and this book teaches you how to do so.

For the daring, the bold and and the wild ones who are courageous enough to forge another path.

The Truth of Trauma

Vulnerability, Light & POSITIVITY!

“Through the vulnerable act of sharing her story, the author brings forth her message with her light, her positivity, her innate wisdom, and her authenticity shining brightly through. I deeply appreciate her perspective and the exercises she takes the reader through to come home to themself.

This work is not easy, and I think the author does a beautiful job intertwining her journey and experiences with her healing guidance. I absolutely recommend this book for anyone looking to do the deep, inner work to begin healing their trauma. Love, The Dear Enlightened One Team.”

Main Points

This book is aimed at women who have been deeply intimate with pain and suffering and are tired of how their life is.

It is aimed at breaking generations of unhealed trauma, so these women may be free.

It is not in replacement of medical and professional advice. We advise all readers to seek the appropriate support.

About the author & Spiritual life Coach

Yous’sima Rose is a heart-centred soul that has faced her fair share of trauma in her life. However her humble perspective on what she has been through is what makes her such an infectious light to be around.

It was her own journey of self-discovery and healing generational trauma which gifted her with the ability to deeply relate to others struggles. Because of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse, she was led continuously into dysfunctional and toxic relationships, which mirrored her crippling low self- esteem.

Despite all of these adversities; a suicide attempt, the end of a marriage, chronic illness, the breakdown of her body, anxiety, PTSD, depression and overwhelming doubt in herself, she has still managed to triumph and return to love.

She is now dedicated to helping other women do the same.


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