Show a Cat Some Affection This Love Your Pet Day and Valentine’s with Cheshire & Wain

Cats may blow hot and cold when it comes to showing affection, but their indifferent ways won’t deter a devoted pet owner. When it comes to winning over a feline and showering them with love, British luxury cat collar and lifestyle brand Cheshire & Wain have a range of special gifts that are simply purrfect for Love Your Pet Day (20th February) and Valentine’s.

Love through play!

Cats are naturally clever and curious creatures, so taking time to play with a feline friend is not only fundamental for their physical development and health, but also a fantastic way to promote mental well-being and happiness. Regular playtime is also a brilliant bond-strengthening exercise between a cat and their owner.

When it comes to fun, each cat has a preferred way of playing, which can depend on factors such as age and breed. Vets typically suggest around an hour of play spread throughout the day, and an excellent time to initiate play is before mealtimes when a cat would naturally be preparing to catch its meal. The reward of food after playtime mimics the reward that they would get from a successful hunting trip. Cheshire & Wain has plenty of feline-fabulous toys designed to delight and entertain playful kittens and cats for hours on end.

cat accessories

If a cat loves the thrill of the chase, with some jumping and pouncing thrown in, Cheshire & Wain’s beautiful Leather Love Heart Cat Teaser Toy will be their perfect prey. Sustainably made with offcuts from Cheshire & Wain’s red and pink cat collars, this cute, high-quality, durable toy will stand up to sharp claws and teeth and will become a cherished favourite in their toy collection.

Alternatively, send a cat’s senses wild with a Catnip toy they can enjoy wrestling, stalking and cuddling with. Fashioned to look like a kitty’s favoured delicacy, the Prawn Catnip Toy is also sustainable and eco-friendly, filled with potent catnip and handmade from recycled wool and velvet that might otherwise end up in landfill. Another favourite for catnip lovers is Cheshire & Wain’s “Let them Eat Catnip!” Gift Tin (£16) which will make Cardboard boxes and scratching posts more enticing with just one sprinkle.

However, not all kitties like Catnip, so Cheshire & Wain’s Organic Valerian Cat Cloud® Toy made from super soft luxurious faux fur, offers a more chilled approach to play thanks to the herb’s stress and anxiety-reducing properties.

Something precious to wear

Fashionable felines and stylish cats will always be delighted with something fancy to wear from Cheshire & Wain. Pretty in pink and lovely in lilac, the Rococo Petal Cat Collar and Rococo Lilac Cat Collar in buttery soft Italian leather make for a loving gift. All Cheshire & Wain collars incorporate the brand’s signature breakaway safety catch, which means beloved kitties can escape unharmed if they find themselves in a sticky situation. Similarly, the I Am Loved Disc I.D Tag can be engraved with emergency contact details to help with a cat’s safe return should they go MIA.

cat accessories

In keeping with the traditions of the romantic season gifting something sparkly, pamper a kitty with one of Cheshire & Wain’s Gem Collar Charms – with Pink Sapphire and Crystal being particularly dazzling!

cat accessories

Loving catnaps

Cats love their sleep but can feel vulnerable when resting as they are not on full alert. As such, it’s important they have somewhere to retreat to that feels safe and secure. Typically, this will be somewhere quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the household. Cheshire & Wain’s Cat Cloud® Bed in Cirrus Pink, made from five luxurious layers of warming fabric, will make their space even more dreamy. Encased in sumptuous faux fur and durable canvas, reflective thermal heat technology insulates and reflects a cat’s radiant body heat for slumber-inducing comfort at naptime, so they are ready for the next round of play and adventure.

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Cheshire & Wain is a British lifestyle brand specialising in luxury cat accessories for fabulous felines. First inspired by the arrival of silver-spotted British Shorthair cat Mr Peter Wells (otherwise known as Percy) in 2013, his owner Sonja Farrell began shopping for the necessary cat paraphernalia to welcome her new kitten. Finding herself disappointed by the quality and aesthetic of what was available – with her main frustration being the lack of high quality, leather cat collars, which were also safe for Percy to wear – Sonja founded Cheshire & Wain.


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