Are you aware that 70% of Americans have at least one pet?

Becoming a dog or cat parent can be the most fulfilling thing you ever do, but this responsibility isn’t always a walk in the park. Not only will you have to figure out how to foster a healthy relationship with your pet, but you’ll also need to create a pet friendly home for them.

Could you use some help covering all of your bases? Read on if you’d like to know our top tips for creating a safe and happy environment for your new pet.

Keep Dangerous Items Out of Reach

Every pet owner needs to get into the mind of their dog or cat and think about what kinds of mischief they could get into. These curious animals love to knock things off of counters and explore the world by tasting everything.

Choking, swallowing something indigestible, or even eating something toxic is a pet parent’s worst nightmare. Get into the habit of keeping anything dangerous out of their reach.

Set Up a Cozy Rest Area

Pets Love Scruffs

To be a good cat or dog parent, you need to understand that animals don’t want to socialize 24/7. They’ll need a cool, dark, and private place where they can sleep alone or rest when they feel overwhelmed.

You should do some research on dog boarding as well so they’ll have awesome accommodations if you ever need to travel without them.

Buy Washable Materials

A smart homeowner knows how to buy decor that’s durable so they don’t spend money replacing items all the time. Pets can have all kinds of accidents and shed, which means that you’ll be better off buying stain-resistant furniture and washable blankets to keep on top.

You should also consider upgrading your floors if you have carpet, since it’s unhygienic and it’ll only get worse once you welcome a pet home.

Stock Up on Food and Other Supplies

Your four-legged friend will need lots of food, treats, and toys to thrive. Do research on the specific breed you plan on adopting so you’ll know how to care for their unique needs.

Even if you plan on bringing your pet to a groomer to keep them clean, it’s still useful to buy basic grooming supplies like brushes and pet shampoo to keep them tidy between appointments.

Make Sure Your Lawn Is Safe

You may want to switch to pesticides and other lawn supplies that are safe for your pet so they don’t get exposed to harmful chemicals. Your pet should also get microchipped so you can always locate them if they manage to run away.

Check to see if you have any plants that are toxic to your pet so they can’t eat them. Fences are the best way to keep your pet secure during potty breaks and playtime.

Are You Ready to Create a Pet Friendly Home?

Pets Love Scruffs

Creating a pet friendly home takes some effort. However, following this guide will give you peace of mind that your pet has everything they need.

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