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Introducing The New Teens and Kids Collection at GANT

Strategic Collaboration to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Religious environments, Schools, and Camps: A Step...

Mexican lawyer Renato Vera comments that the primary goal of this initiative is to establish robust strategies for the prevention of sexual abuse in these environments

SURVEY: 1 in 5 Women Have Personally Experienced Sexual Harassment on Social Media

The survey attempts to discover how many women have experienced sexual harassment, or have witnessed sexual harassment.
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New Study Links Childhood Trauma with Heart Failure

Child-abuse prevention specialists in South Dakota and elsewhere say a new study underscores the need to protect kids from traumatic situations to avoid long-term physical health issues
5 Health Tips Exclusive For Women

Repeated Call – Men must take a stand to End Violence against Women

There is a continuum of violence and it can be stopped at its source by men considering their own behaviour and looking to positively influence their friends.

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