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The Truth of Trauma

This book is aimed at women who have been deeply intimate with pain and suffering and are tired of how their life is.

“Less is More” reveals simplifying life is a pathway to Happiness

The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer investigates why some of the poorest people in the world are also the happiest ones.

Inclusive Children’s Brand Sells Out New Black Doll Collection in Pre Order

Philly & Friends launched a pre-order campaign of their new handmade doll collection featuring black fairy and ballerina dolls. These were so well received they sold out. 

The Power of Gratitude Everyday Not Just Thanksgiving

The Power of Gratitude can shift the way you think about 2021 according to a New York Times author who has written several books about gratitude.

New Children’s Book Series Inspires Youth to Follow their Dreams to Create a Better...

The Colored Water Fountain is the first book in a new series by Dr. Calvin James of Calvin James Creates.

Discover Amor Towles – 3 time New York times best seller

To learn more about Amor Towles and his books, read our latest blog post. His latest book, The Lincoln Highway, was released in early October.
Baby's First Christmas

Your Baby Club Launches The Ultimate Guide to Having a Baby

Your Baby Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Having a Baby is set to prepare new and expectant parents for panics, poo-namis and all the stages in between.
How to Record Videos and Edit your Classes Online

Never too Old to Learn. . .

Books tend to bridge that gap. I can open a book and be exposed to experts in almost any field.
Impress Your Friends And Family With These Cooking Tips

Valcooks Kitchen Revolutionizes Home Cooking with Interactive Cookbook

Valerie Wilson Reed, aka "Valcooks" has revolutionized the cookbook industry with her new interactive cookbook, "Valcooks Kitchen".

“Dammit … It IS Menopause!” Grabs Ten No. 1 Bestseller Categories on Amazon

Sally Bartlett, author of "Dammit ...  It IS Menopause! Meditations for Women to Achieve Clarity and Confidence Beyond Their Wildest Dreams, Volume 1," ranked No. 1 Bestseller in ten categories on Amazon last Friday

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