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Lake Livingston Camping

Thousands of Young Writers Impacted by Teen-Run Nonprofit’s Booming Summer

From a months long summer camp program to a mentorship with Marissa Meyer and a 24 hour write-a-thon with Chloe Gong and other notable professionals
Impress Your Friends And Family With These Cooking Tips

Valcooks Kitchen Revolutionizes Home Cooking with Interactive Cookbook

Valerie Wilson Reed, aka "Valcooks" has revolutionized the cookbook industry with her new interactive cookbook, "Valcooks Kitchen".
Online Educational Games for Kids

Discover Books by Authors with July Birthdays

If your birthday falls in July, there's a good chance that you share your birthday with a famous author.
International Women's Day

Books to pass on through the Generations

It turns out those moments aren't just about bonding and sharing your passion for reading.
International Open Academy’s Beauty & Fashion Courses are now available

Got Clutter? Reinvigorate Your Organizing Efforts with The First-In-The-Category Time-Based Organizing Deck of Cards

With more than 30 years of experience as professional organizers working with clients affected by Chronic Disorganization or a Hoarding diagnosis
Kids draw

Kids fascination with cars, trucks and tractors!

We all know kids love tractors, trucks, tyres and will shout ‘DIGGER!’ as you drive past a building site.

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