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Positive Effects of Daycare on Child Development

Here are some of the daycare's most advantageous effects on kids' development, demonstrating why it's a smart choice for families.

Parents significantly underestimate how long Children should be active for each day

Children should be highly active for an average of at least 60 minutes a day, across the week in order to stay happy and healthy
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Disney Children’s Furniture – Out & Out

Out and Out, a leading online retailer of home furniture and decor has announced the launch of its new range of Disney-themed products for children.

Report Finds Big Drop in Children’s Percentage of U.S. Population

Children made up just 22% of the U.S. population in 2020 - and that's an all-time low, according to a new analysis
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‘Let’s Connect’ Children’s Mental Health Week & Keeping Safe While Playing Minecraft Online

“Lets Connect, highlights the importance of children's mental wellbeing
Wooden Christmas Toys

Cosmic Kids Founder Jaime Amor Announces Campaign For Children’s Mental Health Week

Cosmic Kids founder Jaime Amor, who gets millions of children across the world moving every week, has created a series of tools for Children’s Mental Health Week
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New Study Links Childhood Trauma with Heart Failure

Child-abuse prevention specialists in South Dakota and elsewhere say a new study underscores the need to protect kids from traumatic situations to avoid long-term physical health issues

Almost 70% of Parents look for books that include Racial Diversity to read with...

The Ellie Sparkles Show has analyzed Google search data across 700+ popular books, children’s films and fictional characters to determine America’s favorites. 
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New air-purifying paint range from Rust-Oleum is a breath of fresh air for your...

Children in the UK are spending more time than ever indoors, and the health impact of the air within our homes should not be underestimated.

Things Every Parent of Kids with Special Needs Should Hear

With everything on your mind, there are some things you need to repeat and turn into a mantra that will allow you to focus, stay positive, and have the strength to find new ways to help your child.

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