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How to Futureproof your Kitchen Design – Five Expert Tips

A new kitchen is arguably one the biggest renovation investments within a home and is not something that many can afford to do more than once,
Boost Productivity with these Quiet Home Office Essentials

Boost Productivity with these Quiet Home Office Essentials

Quiet Mark offers a range of Home Office Essentials designed to enhance productivity by reducing disruptive noise levels.
Cuckooland Brave Ground

Smells Like Winter

Rug’Society has a vast choice of products made by the noblest materials, like natural wool, botanical silk, and lurex.
Modish Living

11 Surprising Ideas for Styling With Textured Wallpaper

We're going to explore ways to lift room using subtle texture design and abstract wallpapers: so here are 11 stunning and surprising ways you can style a space with textured wallpaper.
Micucci Interiors

9 Curated Accent Pieces for Interior Design & Home Decor

We’ve put together a small list of accent pieces from international artists specifically curated by the team at Micucci Interiors, which will get you started on transforming your home into a museum-worthy space.
1000 thread count Supima Cotton Bed Linen

Bedroom Design With Gracious Handcrafted Details

As you can see, generous detailing and meaningful craftsmanship presented in each element of the space turns it into a unique interior.

From Waste to Taste!

Weaver Green’s beautifully designed home accessories actually make your interior décor more eco-friendly too.
How to Measure Curtains to Get the Right Size

6 Tips For Utilising Natural Light In The Home

Stuart Clark, home expert at Victory Curtains and Blinds, shares his top tips for utilising natural light in your home.
Christmas trees

Interiors experts reveal 10 unexpected Festive Décor trends for Christmas 2021

With Christmas just around the corner, Flooring Superstore has collaborated with interior design experts to discover and discuss 10 unexpected festive décor trends for Christmas 2021.
interiors for a fashionable Autumn

Earthy Neutral Interiors for a Fashionable Autumn 2021

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares 3 ways to get a stylish autumn look at home.

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