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International Women's Day

Increasing cases of Gender-based Violence Online

With the end of the pandemic, cases of gender-based violence against women online have not decreased.

How Small Businesses can Benefit from going Digital

There are two main things to consider for SMEs within the category when it comes to their digital presence.
world vegan day

The Vegan Sector Is Booming And Its Communication Evolves

Vegan Clicks is a boutique food photography service that focuses on creating the irresistible urge to taste the portrayed plant-based dish.

Classworx Invites Yoga Instructors to Teach Classes Virtually to Students and Attendees Worldwide

Classworx is launching its platform that will enable people from around the globe to support Yoga instructors that join Classworx and teach attendees their favorite yoga moves.

International Open Academy’s Beauty & Fashion Courses are now available

Start any of the Beauty & Fashion courses today or choose from over 200 high-quality courses on a diverse range of topics and earn even from your home!
Are You Looking Online Real Estate Company

Are You Looking Online Real Estate Company

Now smartphones are progressively used and people start the use of the internet for looking at property online.

Adventure Academy Is Bringing Learning to Life

Adventure Academy provides elementary and middle school age children an immersive, interactive learning adventure where they can explore an ever-expanding virtual world while building critical academic knowledge and skills

Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage?

Settle down, read this article to the last word from which you will clearly understand both the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages and love marriages

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