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An Overview of Rug Repair and Restoration

Rug repair is essential to preserve and prolong the life of your rug. It can include reweaving or re-knotting damaged areas, patching holes, and sewing fringes and edges.
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Discovering the Perfect Fans and Carpet For a Cozy Home

The carpet provides additional comfort and warmth to a room. It also helps with sound absorption in rooms where the furniture is mainly made from wood. Lighter colors can look stylish but...
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Go Green In 2023, With Beautiful New Eco Rugs And Throws

Weaver Green has created an inspired collection of exquisite rugs and throws in a palette of delightful colours for the year ahead
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Smells Like Winter

Rug’Society has a vast choice of products made by the noblest materials, like natural wool, botanical silk, and lurex.
Living it Up has a selection of stunning sofas decorated perfectly with a Christmas theme, showing you how you can update your home Christmas with just a few easy touches.

Top 5 Alternatives to Grey Carpet

Homeowners looking to update their home with a new carpet in a different shade, the retailer has revealed its five most popular alternatives.
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Design advice: Create the bedroom of dreams

Incorporating a rug into your bedroom scheme not only elevates your interior style but helps creates a cosy, relaxed atmosphere – perfect for resting and recharging.

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