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The Essential Guide to How to Clean Jewelry at Home

Championing Traceability with Award-winning Ethical Jewellery

Ethical jewellery brand Lebrusan Studio reveals the Artisan Collection, its new troupe of engagement rings crafted exclusively from traceable and artisanally mined materials.
The Essential Guide to How to Clean Jewelry at Home

The Gold Zodiac Jewellery Collection – The Perfect Luxury, Sustainable, Personalised Gift

Introducing Luluh Lane, an eco-conscious home decor and jewellery brand, offering a selection of ethical, stylish, and sustainable luxuries at affordable prices.
International Women's Day

Disruptors: Women challenging the status quo in pursuit of positive societal impact

The series touches on issues related to feminism, mental health, tackling domestic abuse and violence against women, sustainability, disability and wellness
Aldwych Herringbone Soft Wool Textured Chenille Material Yellow Furnishing Fabric, £19.99

Sustainable Spring Gifting Inspiration

Let them know you care with a luxurious gift from J.J. Textile. We've got something for everyone, no matter the budget or recipient...
Say Hello To Our Wall Art Calendars

90% of ‘Eco-friendly’ Wallpaper Brands are selling Products that are harmful to the Planet

New research has found that the majority of wallpaper brands that claim to be eco-friendly are selling products that contain ecologically harmful materials.

Eco-Friendly Products to Reduce Waste in 2022

Let’s have a look at some of the best eco-friendly products you can bring into your life in 2022.
Female Entrepreneur

From side hustle to full time business

Over the past few years, Clare became increasingly aware of the need to encourage others to reduce, reuse and recycle, to lessen each of our impacts on the environment.
red lip

Australian-Italian Slow Fashion Cuts Waste With Luxury Gift Offer

New Italian-Australian fashion brand Tema Moda is launching a gift offer that symbolises its commitment to sustainability
Online Educational Games for Kids

The World’s First Kid’s Activity Book about Smart Cities is now Available

Exploring Smart Cities Activity Book for Kids, and it provides an engaging and unique educational experience for children ages 3-11 years old.
The Essential Guide to How to Clean Jewelry at Home

Rethinking Waste: Jewellery Handmade with Upcycled Materials

Akili Australia, a small local business based in Brisbane, is launching jewellery handmade with upcycled packaging materials.

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