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Timberman Co

Winter Gardening Tips

The leading garden centre, has listed out the winter jobs we can be doing to get our gardens looking their best and prepare them for a blooming 2024.

Exercise keeps MS patients on their feet

The latest scientific research and individual experiences which show exercises such as cycling can benefit the people living with MS in the UK
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What Women Drivers Look For In A Service Station

New research reveal the top three determining factors for women drivers when choosing which service station to visit.

Forget what Instagram says! These are the real proposal spots you need to be...

Most interesting and unique proposal snaps – and here’s what they came back with. Just in time for Valentine’s Day
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Nomadic Mother, the New Fashion brand designed for Motherhood

Fashion designer and Entrepreneur Amelia Friend is leveraging her experience in Motherhood and the challenges faced working in the fashion industry
Moving Tips

Mummy, I’m Home! One in Five Brits Forced to Move Back into Their Family...

Capital One UK commissions new research into the financial impact of children returning home and what this means for families during the cost-of-living crisis.

SINGLED OUT Happy and Proud of their Single Status but Misrepresented and Patronised by...

However, a new study by pro age beauty company, Studio10, suggests there is a cultural paradox at play.

Matki Helps A House Become A Home

When it came to finding the perfect shower solution for not one, or two but three bathrooms in their family home, Patch and Polly knew they could rely on Matki for an abundance of style, quality and service.
4 Fashions Trends To Be Followed In 2019

Botanically inspired Apparel and Accessories

With new brand Ink & Silk, designer Holly Kennedy presents a fusion of art and nature into a collection of apparel and accessories.

Armac Martin champions employees for International Women in Engineering Day

Armac Martin is proud to celebrate its female employees on International Women in Engineering Day.

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