In the initial days of the internet, being on the first page of SERP was an easy nut to crack. Repeat a few keywords throughout the content, add a few backlinks and boom; Top Page Rank!

But in today’s world of vicious competition, the difficulties to attain a decent rank have elevated to an incredible height. It has become a rocket science for marketers.

Search engines like Google and Bing have matured over time. Gone are the days when fooling their algorithm was like a walk in the park. These search engines use complex ways to identify which content is useful and informative.

“Google is your friend as long as you’re serving its visitors well.”

This highlights the need of an SEO expert to tweak web pages in order to ensure that their content is relevant and worth-reading. That’s what top SEO companies in India swear by.

Allow us to disclose some sure-short methods that will ensure that your web page rank high on search engine pages. Let’s have a deep insight into these secrets that guarantee success.


Top Secrets From A Top SEO Company In India

1. Consistency is the key

“Being good is not enough if you’re not consistent.”

Whether it is the quality of the content or the time of uploading, a level of consistency is extremely imperative. You just can’t afford to compromise on either of it but unfortunately, people often brush it under the carpet.

There is no sense in optimizing your site to the gills, just to stymie readers with bland, formulaic, or immaterial content. It is your foremost duty to ensure that you’re bestowing something reliable, informative and engaging that too consistently to your readers.

Train yourself to ensure that you’re ready to offer your readers something valuable. Once you have aced this department then work further to bring more traffic on your website.

2. Ace the game of keywords

“There’s a reason they say keywords are the key to the success of SEO.”

By ‘keywords’, we are not only referring to the primary and secondary keywords but also the name of your brand. The brand name needs to be recognizable and catchy at the same time. This will ease out the job of attracting customers to quite an extent.

Now, come to the primary and secondary keywords that are poured in different parts of the content by you. Leads with keywords that people search or are user-friendly.

If people will search the keywords that you wish to rank on then this will give a robust boost to your SEO strategies and their eventual success.

3. Make the best out of YouTube videos

“YouTube is no longer just an entertainment stop, there’s more to it that you need to explore.”

SEO experts ought to neglect the benefits that they can seek from YouTube videos and their captions in order to attract their targeted audience.

While uploading a video on YouTube, don’t forget to add a compelling description. Adding vague words will take you nowhere. You can write up to 1000 words in the description area. So, why not use it in the most efficient way.

For instance, use that space to write a meaningful, engaging and informative blog rather than just describing the video with few hashtags.

What more?

You can add links to relevant pages or your website in order to bring your viewers more close to you and bestow yourself an opportunity to sell your product and services.

4. Customize your images and hyperlinks is the best possible way

“Your web page needs to scream that it belongs to you.”

You must bestow your page a dynamic and relevant name. Not just that, create a URL for your customers that holds the keywords that you desire to rank on. This will offer you an automatic advantage over pages with generic titles when your site is being added to search engines.

To get an edge over your rivals you can even apply the same strategy to the titles of the image. It is an opportunity that’s too often ignored. Don’t leave any stone untouched to make your content more relevant and to take it to as many people as possible.

5. Quality over quantity is the thumb rule

“One good link is far better than a pond full of shameless plugs.”

Now, when we’re talking about links, how can we not talk about the quality of these links. People ought to chunk their content with links that make no sense. You need to look for quality links if you want to witness positive results out of it.

Linking your content with dodgy sources will have no benefit rather will harm your site’s reputation. It will make it tough for search engines algorithms to distinguish your content from the spam and will make you lose the top ranks.

Look for collaboration that you will be proud of. If you put for relevant content it will be like twice the exposure for half the work. So, choose wisely.

6. Use Google to your advantage

“Search it? Nah! Google it.”

Search engine and Google are synonyms of each other. That is the reason why the top SEO companies in India make full use of tools that Google offers to optimize the content.

For instance, go through the Adwords profile tool that will help you with your keywords. You can sneak a peek at the Adwords section itself.

What you need to do is to search your own topic and have a deep insight into the phrasing of the Ads in the upper right of the search results. Now, when you know what Google desires, you can hit the right spot so as to attract the customers.

This will help you immensely in surviving the prevailing ruthless competition over the search engine pages just the way it is helping the top notch SEO companies.

Why incorporate the above-mentioned ways in an SEO strategy?

All these above mentioned tricks and tips are something that top SEO companies in India follow religiously. These ways have helped them to serve their clients better and keep them ahead in the competition.

They have given their clients better ranks on SERPs and promising ROI post adopting these result-oriented ways. You need to work on all the aspects of an SEO strategy as only one weapon can’t make you win the entire battle and these tips will show you the right path.

Wrapping it up!

SEO is an investment in the long term and what can keep you on the track throughout is a reliable SEO company. You need to hire one of the top rated SEO companies in India as you have to establish a partnership that’s sustainable for years down the line.

An experienced SEO company will play by the rules, will report regularly as they have nothing to hide and will show the desired growth.

They won’t leave in a dark room rather will keep you updated throughout as they understand that SEO is all about partnership. And if this is not the case with your company, run in the opposite direction.


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