As important as any other bowfishing feature is, bowfishing lights are as well. It is essential for a successful night out on the water. The hit or miss of your bowfishing trip solely depends on the lights as it is not possible to find your target in the dark, where it is clear and visible in the daylight.

Have you ever wondered, is there light as clear as daylight.

If yes, then there are a lot of amazing products out there that gives you the most suitable environment for bowfishing even at night.

What makes bowfishing lights different from regular lights?

Well, you can use any light to look for the fishes in the water, after all, it is just the light.

No, it is not any regular light. Bowfishing lights are different from other lights in various manners, such as;

• They are low voltage that is equivalent to high out-put lights
• They throw a beam of light that penetrates the water making everything under the water more visible
• They can be mounted anywhere from the surface to on boats

Why you need a bowfishing lights/benefits

Making your bowfishing an ultimate success it is important to have a light that fulfils all the requirements that are essential, such as;

• These lights offer a reasonable range of full-colour tones that are adjustable as per the water requirement.
• They penetrate deep into the muddy or murky water just by adjusting the color tone of the light
• You can instantly turn on and off these lights as some fishes are sensitive to light. You can easily go near the target and instantly turn on the light to illuminate the whole area.
• They can run all night long because of their low voltage. You can connect it to the generator or the battery bank
• A quality bowfishing light is the one that gives the maximum brightness coming in at 12,000 lumens of flood power to the best and even more.
• Unlike the regular lights, these are water-resistant, which gives you stress-free bowfishing experience without worrying about getting water on it.

What makes the best bowfishing lights?

If you are looking for the best bowfishing light it is not the brand or not even the bigger price tag but, it is all about the features that create the whole difference.


Buying the best bowfishing light can be exhausting as there is a wide range of products in the market that claim to be the best.

We give you an extensive overview of what to look for when it comes to shopping for the lights for bowfishing.

Types of lights

Well, it comes in a personal preference when it comes to the types of light as there are three most important ones that give different user experience as per the needs and requirements.

1. LED lights
As the name signifies, these are high performance LED lights with the brightness.

Prominent features

• They penetrate in the water more effectively no matter if it is muddy or clear.
• They come in various tones like warm-white or cold-white.
• They run on batteries, most probably 1 or 2.
• They are quite expensive than the other alternatives that are available in the market.
• It is the most common and widely used light for bow fishing.

2. Halogen lights
In the simplest words, have you ever seen bulb in a bulb?

Well, those are called halogen lights. Halogen is an enhanced version of incandescent lights, which uses various gases to emit the light.

Prominent features

• Halogens are gold-quality of the lights; warmer and richer.
• They are compact than other lights as they can be fitted in even the smallest of places.
• These lights can be adjusted variably in terms of increasing and decreasing the brightness at the spot.
• It is the best go-to low-budget lighting option as compared to other lights.

3. High-pressure sodium lights
These lights use sodium that provides appropriate light in every kind of weather condition.

Prominent features

• These are the highest-ranked lights when it comes to murky water.
• Its high pressure yellow or orange light provides appropriate illumination on and under the water.
• They are really light in weight.
• The only drawback is that they require more electricity like gasoline-electric generator as compared to other alternatives.

Besides types, there are some of the most important features that are necessary to be considered while making a purchase, such as;

• Brightness
• Power source
• Color options
• Durability
• Ease of installation

There is nothing specific you can say makes the best bowfishing light but some of the features that create the whole difference.

Best bow fishing lights

To make it easier for you have we gathered some of the best bowfishing lights that give an ultimate performance no matter what?

• Sansi LED light
This light offers an ultimate performance from brightness to, lightweight, long battery life, and quality built. You can easily go 50,000 hours in a single charge. The plus point is you can also use it for garages, gardens, studios, and playground besides bowfishing as it has improved heat dissipation efficiency

• LEDMO LED lights
LEDMO lights are the most cost-effective floodlights that are waterproof and are suitable for every type and kind for the environment. They are exceptional when it comes to durability. You do not have to buy another light for a long time if you are using this one. It gives you the best brightness along with the most convenient installation.

These are some of the most crucial factors that cannot be overlooked when it comes to buying a bowfishing light. It is not necessary that if one light is working perfectly for someone, it will work the just same way for you as most of the time efficiency of the light depends on the suitability of the light as per your needs and requirements.

We are hopeful that you are now more educated than before on why it is important to go for the features than the price tag, fancy packaging, and most of the time false advertisement.

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