Video content has been gaining traction on virtually every social network because it can more accurately portray information and feelings. Those who are part of the audiovisual segment already know the importance of video editing to ensure the success of its content.

The wide variety of editing tools can make finding the best video editing program complicated. But don’t worry, today’s post will list everything you need to make the right choice! We want to introduce an easy-to-use online editor, FlexClip video editor, which especially developed for those who want to edit a simple video and put some finishes.

FlexClip is the easiest video editing tool that allows you to create a custom video by mixing video quickly, still images, soundtrack and voiceover. Besides, the video can also be edited by adding subtitles, transitions, logos, and so on. The FlexClip video editor is designed to be easy to use even for those with no experience in video editing.

FlexClip Video Editor

What can you do with the FlexClip online video editor?

Trim and Merge Videos

Oftentimes, you will see that a specific video is too long, or you need some videos to reflect your message better. In such cases, it will be very beneficial to use trim features and blend to use. You can only cut the most useful and interesting parts of the video and then merge them into your storyboard to create a ready and entertaining video.

FlexClip Video Editor

Rotate and Zoom videos

There are two main problems that users are accessing videos with a smartphone: the framing in your video is not quite right or orientated is tormented. Both problems make the video not attractive and even unhappy. Fortunately, these two problems can be easily set with the FlexClip editor. By clicking on your video clip, you can easily rotate and adjust the scale to get the perfect frame. Besides, FlexClip will also offer the option to apply the change to all storyboards with one click.

FlexClip Video Editor

Add Transitions 

Hard cutting is the primary type of editing. It is used when you want to move from scene to scene without any transition. But a slow fade with more time spent in black will indicate an important end or start. Besides, a quick transition will bring a dynamic sense of attention to the next scene. So we could use some transitions by cutting work very well. In FlexClip, we can have many more options and add crossblurs, curtains, and other transitions between clips.

FlexClip Video Editor

Record Voiceover and Insert a Logo

The voiceover is very common in documentaries and TV news. Besides, the voiceover is also present in movies. Typically, it is used to keep the viewer aware of information that is not explicit in the look of the scene. FlexClip will allow you to record your voice by just clicking a microphone button. Whats more, you can also insert a logo to your video as a watermark to protect the copyright of your videos.

FlexClip Video Editor

Add Soundtrack, Title, and Caption Texts to it

Sometimes, the difference between a soundtrack that is chosen smartly. This may be why filmmakers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to produce an original soundtrack. Here it is important that we can choose music from our own computer in addition to the one offered by the FlexClip packed music library. In addition to the soundtrack, you can add nice title and caption texts easily to your video, giving it an almost cinematic feeling.

FlexClip Video Editor

Download Your Video

When your video is processed, you will have the option to save or download your finished piece. The final resolution of our video is a key aspect of video editing, so FlexClip is able to choose the exported resolution, including 480p, 720p, and even 1080p. Therefore, we need to consider the device and platform where the video will be displayed, and download the video in the best resolution.  

FlexClip Video Editor

All in all, this online video editor is perfect for you if you are starting in audiovisual because it is intuitive and its functions are also powerful. Whats more, you can export your highest quality videos to a variety of formats using FlexClip’s free video converter. Cool, isn’t it? You can access the website through the link:


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