Every other day, a new and innovative app launches, this replaces the previous one by providing better features. Then every other day, changing in its features improves its quality and performance, which attracts people. These apps not only distract the human mind but also make them accustomed. It has the most impact on children and workers. Children get involved in wrong activities that later prove to be harmful to them. Then it affects their education, but they also suffer from a mental or physical illness, and all of this becomes a problem for the parents. Likewise, this makes it difficult for the employer when employees do not submit their work on time and take an interest in these social apps which affect their performance which detriment to the business.

While taking into consideration all these problems, TheOneSpy (which is a spy app) has provided the best solution. TheOneSpy provides a bundle of features and their multiple functions to solve a huge amount of problems. Similarly, TheOneSpy also provides thespecific app for Viber (a social media app) through which the user can track all activities of the targeted person on Viber. Let’s learn more about Viber spy app how it works for people.

TheOneSpy Viber Chat Spy App

When it comes to chats and calls quality, people prefer Viber over other social apps. Viber serves people with more safety and privacy than other social apps such as Skype, Twitter orFacebook. Being more secure, people use it more confidently for many purposes, such as watching sexual content, making girlfriends/boyfriends and abusing abuse. TheOneSpy Viber spy app provides the key to rooting all these problems. It works smoothly and accurately in real-time.


With TheOneSpy Viber Chat Spy App, you can:

• Have a look at all contacts of a targeted person on Viber.
• Watch all recent added and deleted contacts.
• Track all conversations.
• Have a look at all chats with time and date.
• Record video and audio call on the targeted device.
• Get a history of Viber activities from your control panel.



This mobile-friendly social app smoothly runs with all Android versions and all models like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.

How does TheOneSpy Viber Spy App facilitate people?

Different people want to track others for different reasons. Such as parent wats to track their kids, employers want to track their employees and individuals wants to track their own devices for several reasons. It allows a user to get every single chat going on a targeted device and if any of their loved ones are getting indulge in harmful activity so the user can protect them before the situation gets critical. Let’s see how it helps parents, employers and individuals.

• Benefits for parents

You might be a sensitive and curious parent who wants to check their kid’s secret conversations. Being a guardian, it’s your responsibility to protect them from harm. TheOneSpy Viber spy app gives parents legal remote access over kid’s devices, so parents can check all incoming and outgoing messages and their kid’s tone of chatting and can find kids’ interests. Or if kids are bullying anyone or if someone is threatening your kids, so you can protect them easily.

• Benefits for Individuals

If you suspect your partner is being involved in endless chatting and ignoring you, so you can use TheOneSpy Viber message spy app to check if your partner is cheating on you or insincere with you. You can also protect your device from stalkers. TOS also enables you to record all activities on Viber so you can later check or save them as proof.

• Benefits for Employers

During work, employees get involved in using social media apps in chatting with friends, family or colleagues. Which affects their performance in tasks and all this directly affects whole team projects. So, the employer can track their employees every single activity and protect them from leaking company secret information too.


We concluded that TheOneSpy Viber spy app is the most reliable and efficient app which empowers the user to spy on their loved ones and employees’ messages and protect them as well. Due to TOS’s user-friendly features, most people prefer to adopt it.


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