Reasons you Should Use a Record Destruction Service

reasons to use record destruction services

You may have come across a popular saying, ‘data is the new oil’. This saying highlights the critical role data or information plays in today’s age. While there is no doubt about its importance for business success, organisations tend to ignore the other side of the coin – safeguarding the data.

When your sensitive data is breached, it leads to significant financial and reputational concerns. The customers/clients may initiate a class action lawsuit. The regulator may fine your organisation for poor practices. While it is somewhat easy to recover from a financial loss, recovering one’s reputation is more challenging.

You may find it to retain and acquire customers. If this happens for a continued period, the organisation may be forced to shut down for good. Therefore, organisations must ensure that their records are secure. Similarly, when past data becomes obsolete, there is a need to destroy it safely.

A simple Ctrl + Shift + Delete or tearing the document will not make your data unrecoverable. With advancements in technology, data which is destroyed using traditional methods is easily recoverable. Therefore, the best way to avoid this situation is by using record destruction services.

What is a Record Destruction Company?

As the name indicates, this company specialises in destroying records which are no longer required. For example, if it is physical records, the company will not rely upon burning or tearing the documents. Instead, they will use industrial size shredders to shred the documents.

The process is repeated multiple times, ensuring the information is not recoverable in any case. In case of digital records, such companies use premium software to first wipe the hard drives clean. Again, the process is repeated multiple times. Afterwards, the company may undertake the ‘degauss’ process.

It involves deleting the data from the hard disc by removing the magnetism. If this is not enough, such companies also offer the option of physically destroying the hard discs. This is done in a secure and sustainable manner. Once the process is complete, the company provides a ‘Certificate of Destruction’.

Service Model

Record destruction services are commonly offered on two models – offsite and onsite. In the former, the company removes the data (physical or electronic) from your premises and take it to a secure location. In there, they begin the data destruction process. The entire process is recorded for the client’s satisfaction.

In the second model, the company brings their equipment to the client’s premises. All the destruction process is performed within the premises. The benefit of this model is that it ensures that the data never leaves the premises until destroyed. This is recommended for organisations who are dealing with highly sensitive data.

Now that you understand what record destruction companies do, let’s go through the benefits of using such a service.

Why Use a Record Destruction Service?

1.     Cost-Effective

What’s the purpose of running a business? It is to create wealth for the shareholders. Therefore, businesses must ensure that costs are kept to a minimal without impacting the business objectives. By outsourcing record destruction to a third party, a business need not hire a team dedicated for this purpose nor procure expensive equipment. On top of it, the business need only pay for the services that it uses making it more cost-effective.

2.     Reliability

Since the company specialises in destroying records, it has the latest technology and technical know-how. It makes the entire process more secure and streamlined. The company will even provide a certificate of destruction. It shifts the entire legal responsibility to it. Thus, even if the record is somehow recovered, the organisation is protected against legal repercussions.

3.     Employee Productivity

Instead of assigning employees to this non-value addition activity, utilise them elsewhere. For instance, let them work on tasks such as customer service, innovation, or any other area which directly creates value for the organisation. Even if there is no need for additional resources in these areas, let employees focus on their key responsibilities and let professionals handle the data destruction part.

4.     Sustainability

If you do a little bit research, you will come to realise that sustainability is a top priority for every organisation. Additionally, customers expect organisations to act more responsibly. A record destruction company has in-depth knowledge about data destruction. With their experience, they understand how to destroy data with minimal impact on the environment. This can enhance your organisation’s sustainability profile and make it more lucrative to investors.

5.     Legal Compliance

With privacy becoming more important each day, it is imperative to safeguard data. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have introduced hefty fines against organisations who fail to comply. By using a professional record destruction company, rest easy knowing that there is no risk of noncompliance.


This concludes our article on the top 5 reasons you should use a record destruction service. If you fail to destroy information correctly, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. It can drive your organisation into the ground. So, make the right decision.



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