IoT software has been in high demand this year. The technology is still emerging and gains new value in different industries and for various purposes. GBKSOFT, a software outsourcing company, has completed several major IoT projects this year. Hence, the development team has generated three main insights regarding IoT development.

Enhanced Focus on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major concern in IoT outsourcing development. Unfortunately, IoT devices are usually made without security measures in mind. Eventually, the devices can be easily hacked, and intruders may disrupt their work or access internal networks and databases.

It’s a big threat for industries like manufacturing, healthcare, or logistics that rapidly embrace IoT technology and implement them for major operational processes or monitoring.

Hence, more and more companies incorporate security policies, educate employees about IoT cybersecurity, encrypt data and communication channels, and switch to the mobile Internet for IoT devices.

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The Importance of Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, opens new opportunities for manufacturers and allows switching to more efficient operational strategies. IIoT enables several major innovations for smart factories, like digital twins, predictive maintenance, remote operations, and premises monitoring.

All the aforementioned IIoT use cases power the rise of smart factories, which reach the highest level of automation and where manual operations are no longer needed.

IoT and Data Analytics

IoT opens gates to huge amounts of data, but data analytics will help you to leverage it. The amount of IoT-generated data is so impressive that it will be unlikely to proceed manually. So more and more businesses come up with a need for IoT and data analytics software integration.

For example, AI-powered analytics software can not only clean, structure, and explain data, but forecast future outcomes and behavior.

It may be helpful for dozens of industries: healthcare providers can predict beforehand when the patient needs to be treated, manufacturers use predictive maintenance to prolong the life of the equipment and reduce downtime, retailers forecast future needs in inventory before it is out of stock.

In Conclusion

Businesses no longer plan to implement simple IoT software. Companies come up with global IoT projects that can drastically change traditional business operations. Hence, they need expert IoT development vendors who can guide them through such a transformational process.


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