Home remedies don’t work! Here’s what people try: peanut butter, olive oil, mayonnaise, Vaseline, Listerine, Cetaphil, I could go on and on.

The WORST things Lice customers have tried? How about an entire can of Raid Bug Spray! Or Clorox Beach? Moms feel desperate when they see eggs or a bug on their sweet child’s head.

So what should you do? The most important thing is to stay calm and get a professional grade metal lice comb like NitNabber or Nit Free Lice Comb. As far as products go, drug store lice removal shampoos are chemical (pyrethroid) based, and bugs tend to be resistant or immune (every heard of ‘super lice’?).


We suggest using an all natural enzyme-based lice treatment product like Coco Loco All Natural Lice Treatment Spray or similar. It contains protease, a food grade digestive enzyme that causes the lice to ‘molt prematurely’.

It acts kind of like a zipper, and unzips their shell, so they die. If you don’t have a natural lice removal treatment product or shampoo, just use your NitNabber lice comb and any hair conditioner mixed with warm water in a spray bottle.

To see a free tutorial and download a free video e-book, try LiceFree Kids. Hope that helps take out that horrible infestation.


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