The promotional video has become essential in designing a marketing strategy. Its ease of implementation and its many advantages make it an essential promotional tool. It is a tool that allows young startups and SMEs to sell their concept and product and increase their turnover. Similarly, many other companies use it to raise awareness or indicate how to use a new product or service to their customers and prospects.


However, it must be well done for the promotional video to help you achieve your goals. Discover in this article some tips that can help you make a success of your promotional video.

Why make a promotional video?


Before beginning the tips for a successful promotional video, it is vital to show you the usefulness and the advantages that result from producing an advertising video. It should be noted that numerous studies have shown that one minute of a promotional video is equal to one million words. This is even more interesting when we know that Internet users spend more than two minutes on a page containing a video than on a page without a video. In straightforward terms, it should be noted that video allows more information to be conveyed than written content.

The advertising video can be used in several cases. It can be used to present a company or work on its image. The promotional video is often used to introduce a new product to the public, and it is a tool that allows the company to increase its notoriety on the internet. Finally, we can also use the promotional video to announce an event. So how do you make a success of your promotional video to achieve your goals easily?

Define the objectives to be achieved by making this advertising video

This is the first question to ask yourself before embarking on this project. Many startups and companies trivialize this step. It is equally essential since making such a video takes longer and is more expensive than a video interview or screencast. With this in mind, it is necessary to take a long time to evaluate the advantages before launching. Is the purpose of your video to present your company or startup? Is it to reach other targets? Is it to educate your customers on given topics?
• Make the promotional video to present your company or startup. The purpose of this video is to sell your company’s image and present its activities or services. For this, your message must be as clear as possible to allow those who will read this video content to understand your company’s activity quickly.
• Make the promotional video to reach other targets. Such a video allows you to get as many spinoffs as possible. In this case, make sure to offer a video that is out of the ordinary, a little humorous. The video must be able to capture attention.
• Make the advertising video to raise awareness on a given subject. If your business offers services, this approach is for you. This video allows you to show your audience that you are an expert in your field.

Choosing the suitable format for your promotional video


There are several ad video formats. To successfully convey your message to your target, you must choose based on your objectives. You will have the choice between:
• the classic video format. This type of format requires that you film scenes with actors. Most of the time, the material used is often not suitable. But, by having a good idea of ​​the scenario and by choosing good actors, one can easily have an excellent result;
• the screenshot format. This promotional video format is the easiest to achieve in a marketing campaign. To make this video, all you have to do is take screenshots of your application or your company’s website explaining the different features of the site or the services offered. The realization of this video does not require a heavy investment but allows to obtain a precise result. However, such a video lacks storytelling;
• the format in Motion Design. This format is the most used by large companies. It is based on an animation of visuals made from applications. This format does not require you to film scenes. However, if you do not have the skills to do so, you have no choice but to seek the services of a professional. You also have the possibility of making online video editing. There are many platforms dedicated to it.

Write the script for the video

After choosing the format that fits your objectives, you must now turn to write the script. At this stage, you must construct the story to tell the audience. Your scenario should have three stages: the general context, the problem, and the solution. Context allows you to showcase trends in your industry. Next, you need to talk about the main issues in the sector. Finally, you must present your solution to solve the various problems that plague the sector.

Choose the sound that accompanies the video

Here you can choose to make the video first before thinking about the sound or doing the opposite. You can opt for music or a voiceover.
• Voiceover: this allows you to make the video more accessible for the audience to understand. This choice requires that you go through a recording studio. This studio takes care of the video and voice mixing. You must prepare the text that the actor or actors must-read. The cost of this option varies between 300 and 1000 euros.
• Music: you can choose to accompany your video with music followed by texts or screenshots. However, you need to pay attention to the license. Indeed, in addition to paying for the song, you must pay for a license, and its price varies according to the use you make of it.

Produce a promotional video with subtitles

Nowadays, we very often come across videos made with subtitles. And rightly so. Indeed, this option allows Internet users who are not on-site to follow the video without turning on the sound, perhaps so as not to disturb those around them. Subtitling also promotes a good understanding of the video.

Promote video

After making the video, you now need to think about how to promote it to reach your targets. Indeed, if your website can also be used to distribute video, you should consider other channels. And in this sense, social networks occupy a place of choice. It is an effective channel for distributing videos, and YouTube is the favorite with more than 41% of users against only 7% for Facebook. You can also broadcast your promotional videos on Twitter or Instagram. You must therefore budget for this promotion. For example, advertising on YouTube varies between 0.04 and 0.15 € per view and depends on the targeting.


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