Don’t just stand there, strike a pose! Have you always dreamed of trying your hand at modeling, but don’t know how to start?

Modeling is an exciting career that pays well, allows you to travel, and can bring fame and recognition. However, it can all be overwhelming if you’re new to the industry.

If you’re ready to become a model, there are a few things you should know first. Keep reading to find five top tips to know before you start modeling.

1. Be Comfortable in Front of the Camera

The first step to starting a modeling career is becoming comfortable in front of the camera. It’s easier for some of us than others!


To succeed on camera, it helps to know which angles and poses work best for you and are most flattering. It’s normal to be nervous at first, but the more time you spend being photographed, the more natural it will become.

2. Create a Portfolio

To get noticed, you’ll need to develop a modeling portfolio. This is a collection of your best images, which give casting directors an idea if your look would work well for the product they’re selling.

The exact photos may vary, depending on what type of modeling you want to do, but a few essential shots include the full-body shot, headshots, and a few close-ups. Generally, you’ll want to hire a professional photographer to take your portfolio shots, as this will give you the best results.

3. Prepare for a Few Rejections

When you’re just starting out as a model, it helps to develop a thick skin and prepare for a few rejections. Modeling is a competitive field, often with dozens or hundreds of people vying for one job.

Sabina Motasem

If you do get knocked back, try not to take it personally! It just means the client didn’t think your look was right in this instance, but you’re sure to find the right work for you, if you persevere.

4. Sign with an Agency

One of the best ways to seriously get into modeling is by signing with a reputable modelling agency. An agency will work to promote you to their clients and get you the highest quality work.

Being experts in the field, they can also advise on how you can improve your chances of getting more work.

5. Look After Your Health

To be a model, you need to look after your health. This doesn’t mean the skinny runway look is what you need to achieve, but you do want to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.


This helps your face and skin look its best, and gives you a natural, glowing look in front of the camera.

Start Modeling with These Top Tips

If you’re ready to start modeling, great choice! It’s both an exciting and lucrative career that many people only dream of.

Once you’re ready to take modeling seriously, use the tips above to get started. Then, consider what type of modeling you want to focus on, such as runway, commercial, or editorial.

It may take some time to build up your portfolio and get noticed, but with enough passion and drive, you’re sure to make it as a model!

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