8 Reasons to do Everest Base Camp

8 Reasons to do Everest Base Camp

Everest Base camp is the most famous trek in the world. It is located in Nepal. Mt Everest lies at an altitude of 29,035ft (8,848m). This summit is full of excitement, thrill, and learnings. On your way to Everest, you will be experiencing a different type of culture, people and their hospitality with extensive wildlife sanctuary. The jaw-dropping beauty of the mountain peaks is amazing and worth visiting the most incredible trek in the world.

1. Mountain Flight
The journey to Everest starts from Lukla. The 40 min flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is the most exciting part of the journey. It is short and full of scenic views of the eastern Himalayas with snow-capped mountains. You will be landing at the airport of Lukla. It is both adventurous and exciting, once you have landed at the airport of Lukla you will get the perfect view and idea of the place that lies ahead.

2. Tea-Houses
On the way to Everest Base camp, you will be spotting a warm and cozy tea house offering you the best hospitality by the villagers of Nepal. The people of Nepal people is very heartwarming, they live a very simple life yet willing to offer the best of their hospitality and making the trek even more special.

3. Sherpa Culture
Sherpa people are famous for their mountaineering skills and rich culture. They have influenced the culture of Nepal as well. The trek to Everest Base Camp is not just a trek but an amazing experience full of learning. Sarpa people can guide you and provide you some tips related to the Trek.

4. Astonishing Mountain view
The most amazing view of mountains from the highest peak in the world is breathtaking. The beauty of mountains will mesmerize you with its Incandescent beauty and magnificent landscape.

The mountain peaks that can be spotted are Mt Lhotse, Mt Cho Oyu, and Ama Dablam.

5. Sagarmatha National Park
The trail to Everest will be passing by the dense forest of Sagarmatha National Park. The variety of flora and fauna will amaze you. It is a UNESCO world heritage site therefore you need to get permits to enter the region. The park consists of 118 species of birds and different types of trees and plants such as birch, juniper, blue pines, Rohendendron and so many others.


Also the extensive variety of wildlife such as musk deer, leopard, Himalayan bear, and red panda.

6. Kala Pathar
Kala Patthar is located at a distance from Everest, a hilly rocky path will lead you to the Kala Patthar; which is going to give you the most panoramic view of the mountains peaks.
It is the best point to have a close view of Mt Everest and other peaks.

7. Ancient Monasteries
Khumbu is the home to Buddhist people, you will be encountering Buddhist monasteries in this region; there are a number of monasteries in Tengboche, Thame, Khumjung, and Pangboche; from the monasteries, you can have the bewitching view of other mountain peaks such as Mt Lhotse, Everest, and Ama Dablam. You will experience peace and tranquility, visiting the monastery and a chance to experience the culture of Buddhist people.

8. Everest Base Camp
Our final destination Mt Everest, reaching the base camp of Mt Everest gives the excitement and thrill at the same time. Summiting the world’s largest peak is definitely an achievement.

Things to carry
1. Filterable waterbottle
2. Wollen clothes
3. Comfortable and warm track pants
4. Charger, power bank, and extra batteries
5. 4-5 pair of socks
6. Mosquito repellent
7. First aid box with necessary medicines
8. Protein bar and snacks
9. Raincoat
10. Reusable plastic bags
11. Trekking shoes
12. Trekking equipment
13. Sunglasses, sunscreen and hats/caps
14. Torchlight
15. Small lock for safety of your bag.

1. The trek takes place through eco-friendly zones, do not encourage litter
2. Do not wander off on your own any point during the trek.
3. Alcohol and smoking are not advisable.
4. Please ensure that you are carrying personal medications.
5. Please take care of your own baggage.
6. Carefully follow the instructions of the trek leader.
7. Please keep yourself hydrated throughout the trek and fuel yourself with some energy bars, protein bars or any kind of snacks to maintain the energy level.
8. Delays may occur due to weather conditions.
9. Carry warm clothes irrespective of the season.

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