Tinseltown, the City of Lights, the City of Stars — all of these are nicknames for Hollywood. Countless films, songs, and personal testimonies have built Hollywood into an almost mythical place. In reality, it’s a very chill and relaxed city.

Several historic sites have partially inspired the legend of Hollywood. For what it’s worth, these venues are truly spectacular. Today, we’ll share some of our favorite historic sites near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To really relax and take it all in, drop your heavy bags and extra gear at a nearby luggage storage service. Then, take an amazing and entertaining walk.



Chinese Theatre

The Chinese Theatre has been a staple in Hollywood for many decades. Iconic films have premiered at this grand theatre and prestigious film festivals have also been hosted here. Such has been the case since the Chinese Theatre opened in 1927.

Films are regularly screened at this venue all the time. Throughout the 2010s, the building was renovated to accommodate IMAX films. It’s one thing to watch the latest blockbuster at your local movie house. It’s another to experience it at the Chinese Theatre.

Egyptian Theatre

The Chinese Theatre is undoubtedly an ambitious project. However, it wasn’t the first building of its kind. Sid Grauman built many other structures before 1927. One of them is the Egyptian Theatre, which was constructed in 1922.

The Egyptian Theatre has had many different owners over the years. Even Netflix can say that they’ve owned the Egyptian for a time. The architecture is a stunning and thoughtful recreation of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. That goes for the interior and the exterior.

El Capitan Theatre

We’re rounding out our trilogy of movie palaces with a truly special entry. El Capitan Theatre originates from the 1920s, just like the last two entries. However, Disney owns this building and has cared for it since the 1980s.

El Capitan has actually opened, closed, and reopened several times throughout history. In each instance, the theatre has come back bigger and better than ever. These days, El Capitan can hold over 1,000 guests. Come and visit “Hollywood’s First Home of Spoken Drama” ASAP.

Hard Rock Cafe

You can work up quite an appetite exploring the Walk of Fame. Thankfully, there are tons of great dining options nearby. If you’re looking for a venue that offers an unforgettable experience, you can’t go wrong with the Hard Rock Cafe.

The Hard Rock Cafe is a name that’s known all across America. This particular establishment opened for business in 2010. Since then, they’ve continued Hard Rock’s tradition of pairing delicious food with amazing music. Check out the “Rock Wall” when you visit.



Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood isn’t just closely tied to the American film industry, it’s also deeply connected to music. Famous venues like the Capitol Records Building are proof of that. So is the Hollywood Bowl, a live event center of truly epic proportions. 

Like many of Hollywood’s iconic attractions, the Hollywood Bowl has roots in the 1920s. Countless artists have performed at the Bowl over the years, drawing in innumerable fans. It’s a good thing the Hollywood Bowl can house 17,500 people.

Hollywood & Highland

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think LA County has more stores than houses. Seriously, you can find thrift shops, markets, and novelty shops all over the place. That said, there’s only one Hollywood & Highland.

First-time visitors might get overwhelmed by this venue. The sheer size and scope of this place are staggering. Hollywood & Highland offers over 60 different stores and plenty of open space. It also houses the Dolby Theatre, aka where the Oscar Award Show is hosted.

Hollywood Plaza Hotel

Many moons ago, Hollywood was in strong need of a luxury hotel. The Walker & Eisen firm began constructing a unique hotel that could house 200 residents. They completed the Hollywood Plaza Hotel in 1925, forever changing the landscape of Hollywood Boulevard.

This building is intrinsically connected with numerous filmmakers, musicians, and artists. Everyone from Jackie Gleason to Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe has stayed at this hotel. Even the legendary Frank Sinatra loved singing at the hotel’s barbershop.

Hollywood & Vine

Hollywood isn’t all glitz and glamour, despite what the movies might portray. There is tons of hard work that goes into each and every production. Show business is still a business, after all. Hollywood & Vine housed tons of film, radio, and music-based businesses.

These days, the Hollywood & Vine intersection is a popular sightseeing and touring destination. The Taft Building, purportedly LA’s first high-rise structure, is located nearby. So is the Pantages Theatre, the Bank of Hollywood, and the Broadway Building. Bring a good camera.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood

In Hollywood, it’s considered a great honor to have a wax sculpture created in your likeness. This tradition dates back to the Golden Age of Hollywood; stars like Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant actually have several wax statues.

Madame Marie Tussaud is a household name in the world of wax sculptures. She made a name for herself creating astounding lifelike sculptures in the 1800s. In 2009, Madame Tussauds Hollywood opened for business. This venue is different even from the other Madame Tussaud buildings.

It features an extensive list of sculptures, including an enormous sculpture of King Kong. Madame Tussauds gained fame for two of its first sculptures – intricate figures of Beyonce and Jaime Foxx. Today, the number of figures well exceeds 100.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Most folks think of LA County as one big giant city. That’s true for the most part, but there are several rural areas if you know where to look. Sunset Ranch is one of them. It harkens back to the old Frontier days when horseback riding was the norm.

Sunset Ranch lets you look at Hollywood from a different perspective. It offers sweeping views of the LA Basin and Hollywood Hills. Guests can sign up for 1 or 2 hour tours. Visitors will also have plenty of time to explore the ranch and hang out with horses.





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